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Promenade with palm trees at Putrajaya lake near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Forest City, Malaysia

Forest City in Malaysia is a visionary project, of a scale and scope hard to describe without geographical context. Singapore is a success story, so Malaysia copied Shenzehen idea, which was to build a city facing Hong Kong to mimic and then surpass. The infrastructure is in place for Malaysia to grow for decades from […]

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Tree of life on a rhyton from Marlik, Iran, currently at the National Museum of Iran.

Tree of Life and the Devils Tower National Monument

Tree of life on a rhyton from Marlik, Iran, currently at the National Museum of Iran. The Tree of Life is on my mind lately, so I wanted to post some more information about massive trees but it was the notion that the Devils Tower National Monument may have been a tree. What’s your first […]

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Bella Coola Indians Native North America

Bella Coola Valley in the Great Bear Rainforest

The Bella Coola Valley is the Perfect Place to spend your Great Bear Rainforest Expedition. Bella Coola is located in the Heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, on the Central Coast of BC Canada. This summer, relax with a fishing line in hand, explore a hiking trail, drift a river, hire a guide to watch […]

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The Botanic Bar, Adelaide

Palm House at Adelaide Botanic Garden

The day I graduated bartender school in South Australia I walked into the Botanic Bar in Adelaide in the middle of the afternoon and asked for the manager, the burly dude behind the bar said, you’re talking to him, to which I responded; “I now have my State license and mixology degree to tend Bar, […]

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Ocean wave blurred by motion, Hawaii, USA

Ocean wave blurred by motion, Hawaii, USA

A wave building on Oahu’s North Shore, Hawaii The North Shore on Oahu is a great place for photographers to capture vivid images of the Pacific in motion, as the beach’s legendary monster waves rise up before breaking on the beach. This long-exposure photograph, shot early in the morning, shows off the power and motion […]

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Pumalín Park is situated on the upper right corner of the map

Pumalín Park and Patagonia Park in Chile

If I were to have a bucket list, and I suppose I do, now that I mention Chile, it’s been on the top of the list for twenty years. Uruguay, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela but not Chile, Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina (yet). The love of Patagonia clothing company founders were the people who opened my […]

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Chaurasi Devataon-wali Gai, or "The Cow with 84 deities" by Raja Ravi Varma The demon with sword states, "O human beings, watch the meat eaters in Kali yuga".

Welcome to the Kali Yuga Harvest

Hindu god Vishnu surrounded by his Avatars 1910 There’s a war on for your mind, as you read these words you are winning. If you agree there’s water damage on the Sphinx and that drill core samples from Antarctica found sea shells from a tropical climate, then you’re ready to learn that nothing new has […]

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snowy owl watches crop circles

Truth About Crop Circles

Do we categorize crop circles under Art, Design, Projects or Mind? Maybe it involves all? How do you begin to explain these magnificent land tattoos? Naughty Beaver and other people can read these things like breakfast cartoons, so perhaps we should listen to what they are saying about them, besides who does not want to […]

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Bob Marley's Eyes

Cannabis Industry Plastic Catastrophe

“One good thing about music: when it hits you, you feel no pain” – Bob Marley Ask yourself what Bob Marley would think about the plastic packaging of weed? Taxing weed is like putting electricity in wires, against Nature, as Tesla demonstrated, forcing buds into plastic containers, little ones, bigger ones, and many with lids […]

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