Living in a Parallel Universe and Feeling Groovy

Feeling Groovy in the Parallel Universe

Living in a Parallel Universe called the Couve (rhymes with Groove) and just as I wrote that word, I remembered one of the first black-light posters I ever owned, it was Snoopy dancing; “Feeling Groovy”. What a different world way back in the 1970’s, it was so fun and exciting to be part of the cultural revolution. It’s no wonder I still get happy seeing the words Peace and Love, however now I wonder about the separating timelines. Some of us are living in a parallel universe, the great awakening has planted peace and love only on one of them.

What are the timelines you might ask? Well, let me explain using the most simple analogy; one timeline is the with a cup half full and the other is with a rapidly leaking cup. Your particular timeline is based upon your belief structure, especially as it relates to United States of America. Yep, the good old USA is either a cup half full, or half-empty. If you believe the half empty scenario, then you may get exactly what you think. This is why the timelines are parting, the peace revolution is a breakaway winner.

People ask me why I fly a large U.S. flag in my home, since I live in Vancouver, Canada (aka the “Couve”). Why not have a Canadian flag, or even the beautiful British Columbia flag? My choice was to pledge my allegiance the flag of the United States of America, so I made a commitment to use my time and resources to fight for liberty and freedom. The U.S. flag represents the last bastion of freedom and liberty and the Military is being in control is our only hope, in my belief structure.

In my world view the Law of War Manual written by the Department of Defence and edited in 2016, one year prior to the first post of Q in 2017. The Q Anon program was integral in the overthrow of the Deep State. More importantly a massive covert war against human trafficking has been taking place with the largest military joint task forces ever enacted in history. The fake news media cover story of war games and practice, has kept silent the battles of 10,000 underground tunnel captures, and release of millions of slaves. On every continent and almost every country there was a war happening but we won and it’s almost over. The victory celebration will rock the universe, literally.

New World Order Lockstep has Been Broken

Canada is a captured operation and our leaders have lost their right to represent us. They joined forces with the New World Order and now are in lock-step to enslave each and every one of us. We are known as respectful and obedient, even kind and nice by people everywhere around the world. We were most likely to comply but they underestimated our unity with America.

I am one of a million Canuckos that went all-in for the war against the Cabal. My commitment to sharing truth and exposing lies of FAKE News, makes me a Digital Soldier and a Keyboard Warrior. I accept the risk because I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Now my army is winning and victory is ours, for those who would not comply to the edicts of tyranny.

Make no mistake about it, many people now find themselves on the wrong side of history. Sadly, there will be pain to pay for attempting to steal democracy from an opponent that was waiting for them to do it. For decades at had been lucrative to harvest ballots or whatever fraud that was become normal, who would have ever taken the time to read the Executive Orders, our bother to pay attention to all the warnings: “they’re going to steal 2020”.

Just as in many famous heists in history, for awhile the crooks get away with it… but guess what? If you steal something so important, from 100 million people who love what you stole, it won’t happen. Furthermore, if the Corona was part of the steal, as it led to mail-in ballots, then Fake News is going down fast, for planned deception. Treason against “We the People!”

As the timelines continue to split the masses who held the line and stood strong against the New World Order will get to reap the rewards to choosing the harder path. If you are one of us, that dropped what you were doing, rolled-up your sleeves and waded into the maelstrom with all your might and gave it all you got, then your cup will runneth over with abundance of joy and happiness, when the fat lady sings.

Living in a Parallel Universe, Feeling Groovy and Saluting all Patriots worldwide, for trusting the plan. Be happy and know in your heart, that Jesus loves you for having faith. God Bliss you all!

P.S. Fauci should have never, ever (under any circumstance) hurt a beagle, or any other dog.

Trump and Snoopy the Beagle
Notice the heart in robins egg blue? Source:

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