British Columbia in Winter

Okanagan Lake in winter

British Columbia in winter has a magic all of it’s own, not always sunshine and rainbows but when the combination of elements and weather conditions come together a majesty unfolds and wilderness becomes art.

There is nothing quite like the “snow crater” that forms beneath Wells Gray Provincial Park’s Helmcken Falls in the winter.

Helmcken Falls Snow Crater

Wells Gray Provincial Park was first established in November 1939, which means it just celebrated its 80th birthday.

The park is home to a beautiful waterfall that flows over a wide circular cliff during the warmer months of the year. According to Tourism Wells Gray, the drop is 141 meters.

Chasing Iconic Winter Waterfalls of Wells Gray

Uncover the mystical places that romantics, adventurers and photographers come here to find! With 41 named waterfalls (and counting!), and even more tucked into the wilds, discover why Wells Gray is also known as the land of waterfalls.

Ancient volcanoes and slow-moving glaciers carved the rivers and lakes that fuel the Park’s waterfalls. You’ll hear the roar of the Falls, long before you can see cascading water tumbling over lichen-drenched boulders, making its way downstream. Almost half the named Falls are found in the Corridor , mere minutes from Clearwater Valley Road.

Canada’s Waterfall Park Welcomes you in Every Season

The Land of 41 Named Waterfalls- and counting!

Imagine a place where the Clearwater, Thompson and Murtle Rivers roar and wildlife sightings are as common as sunrise and sunset. A place where it’s easy to get off the beaten path, and away from the crowds, immersing yourself in real and wild nature.  The place you imagine is Wells Gray Country, the mountain communities centered around Clearwater and Wells Gray Provincial Park. 5,250 square kilometres (1.3 million acres) of alpine wilderness, borne from volcanoes and carved by glaciers. It’s one of the most unique landscapes in all of B.C., where your days are measured in your steps hiked, wildlife sightings, and the number of waterfall shots on your camera. 

It’s here, among old-growth inland rainforest and soaring mountain peaks that you’ll find your wild. During Spring, Summer and Fall you can hike through ancient forests, paddle pristine lakes, and raft on some of Canada’s fiercest rapids. In the winter, gaze upon frozen waterfalls and ski down untouched backcountry slopes.

Winter Waterfall Photos by Carlo Borella on Unsplash

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