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Ancient Carthage

Greed Kills, Imagine Carthage

Ruins of Carthage History is written by the victors and we know so very little about Carthage because their history was destroyed, along with everything else. This part of the Matrix loop that is our world, just manifests again and again in different forms but with the same destructive characteristics, greed and lust for power. […]

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Arctic, Sea, Ocean, Water, Antarctica, Winter, Snow

Antarctica Zen

Zen was born from a civilization that was satiated in materialism. One day when there became so much stuff to own/want, very ornate and covered in bling from the four corners of earth, it all became overload and some genius started Zen, then it became a mindset and almost a movement, which all these years […]

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Eye of Sahara, the Richat Structure

Eye of Sahara, the Richat Structure

Perhaps the greatest unsolved natural mystery is what is the “eye of Sahara” and how did it get there? Such a gorgeous structure too, that it has it’s own Pinterest Boards and been blogged, researched, debunked, reported on and talked about for decades. To this day, there’s no explanation for who’s eye it is. The […]

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Orpheum Theatre Vancouver

Orpheum Theatre for Easter Sunday

Thanks to Coastal Church of Vancouver for opening the doors of the Orpheum Theatre and entertaining us, and presenting such an awe inspiring Easter Sunday presentation. During the service we celebrated the resurrection of our Saviour with dynamic worship music, stories of real life change, special media, musical elements, and a powerful message from Pastor, […]

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Earth Day

Earth Day in the Pacific Northwest

There’s no other day that deserves recognition and celebration like Earth Day, we don’t even know how old she is, or who lives inside her and on her sea floor but we managed to exploit every square inch of the place we call earth. Today I give thanks and declare my love of mother earth, […]

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Trancoso Night

Trancoso Night and Dreaming of Brazil

I’ve been missing Brazil lately and then while searching the public domain for a Brazil image came across this photo called Trancoso Night, in that moment I was inspired me to make this post because it’s one place I was not able to see yet and the best way I can remember to go back, […]

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Freedom Cove, BC

Freedom Cove, Tofino

Freedom Cove, Tofino, BC February 2018 British Columbia is so vast that you constantly learn about or discover new incredible off-the-grid homesteads, such as Freedom Cove, Tofino, where the owners enjoy a holistic and balanced lifestyle and have flourished, right alongside Super Natural British Columbia. For the over 25 years, B.C. couple Wayne Adams and […]

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Vancouver Island, with Lasqueti Island circled in red.

Lasqueti Island, British Columbia

Vancouver Island, with Lasqueti Island circled in red. Randomly wandering the Internet one fine Saturday morning, while living on Lost Lagoon. I was thinking about life after Vancouver and where to find a cabin in the woods. Think and ye shall seek, behold… I learn of an island community of off-grid libertarians, no political connection […]

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Space observing system of the Schumann Resonances

Schumann Resonances and Space Observing System

Schumann Resonances are an important science fact that it is not taught widely in school and something I have been aware of in the last couple of years, as I was seeking answers to ringing in the ears. Schumann Resonances is an important natural phenomenon to understand because it has a powerful effect on us […]

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Yak Peak on the Coquihalla Pass

The Coquihalla: 20 Months Through the Mountains

The Coquihalla is the name of the highway that connects Vancouver to the Okanagan Valley, an absolute marvel of road building and maintenance, there’s even been a show created around winter time problems on that road. I like the video called The Coquihalla: 20 Months Through the Mountains – a 1985 film about the construction […]

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