The Mastery of Intent

In the book by Carlos Castanda about the further teachings of don Juan, a Mexican Nagual or Sorcerer who is teaching the ancient art of sorcery as passed down for thousands of years from teacher to student. The author shares the teachings of don Juan most of which are nothing more than complex and often confusing lessons of life.

Interestingly the writings/teachings of Carlos Castenda are mentioned by Robert Anton Wilson in his famous book “Prometheus Rising”, which he describes as an “owner’s manual for the human brain”. The notations about don Juan make reference to seeing reality in different a way, which is what don Juan’s sorcery lessons are all about, seeing different realities, called the Mastery of Awareness.
There is great knowledge hidden in both these obscure books (The Power of Silence and Prometheus Rising). In today’s world there’s a huge movement towards self-improvement and the big buzz of the moment is the “The Secret” but these things have been discussed and written about for a long time, one of the first was “Think and Grow Rich” by W. Clement Stone which is more practical and easy to understand sort of book compared to the esoteric Carlos Castaneda books or Robert Anton Wilson.
I’m making mention of the Carlos Castaneda books about the teachings of don Juan because they have a much different way of explaining the methods for better controlling the way you think for the purpose of achieving an accelerated return of more satisfying results in life. In other words; how to become successful.
The 3 basic aspects of sorcery according to don Juan are as follows:
* Mastery of Awareness
* The Art of Stalking
* Mastery of Intent
Sounds a little wacky doesn’t it? but change the meanings a little and the understanding could be about how to achieve the results in life that you desire. First you need to have an idea of what it is in life that you wish to achieve ie. a plan or a dream, then become aware of all the pertinent facts that relate to your plan. Next learn about all the ways other people have achieved the outcome you wish for yourself and finally put into place an active strategy to achieve your desired outcome.
The stories of don Juan are just examples of how a person perceives situations and how they react to them. These stories could be replaced by modern day incidents and still tell the same tale. The moral is that we each have the ability to change the way we see things around us, or happening to us and then adjust the way we respond to them. Also, that It’s very important to live with intent and make decisions and take actions that serve to fulfill these intentions.

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