Super Natural British Columbia

My family’s home in Canada is some 200 miles east of Vancouver, about half-way between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, on the shore of a magnificent lake in a magical valley, both sharing the Native Indian name “Okanagan”. Every summer I return to the place of my youth, both literally and figuratively, as I dedicate as much time as I’m able towards rest, relaxation, and recreation, prior to my annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas to attend the Casino Affiliate Conference.

This past August may go down in my memory as one of the most enjoyable months of vacation in my life (so far). Each day was filled with activity and camaraderie with my family. My nephews and niece always look forwards to my arrival since I devote allot of my time to them, and for good reason, as they’re a ton-of-fun to be with, especially since my Canada home has endless water-sports and other exciting things to do. Usually in the evenings I’d find myself down at our beach, exhausted but relaxed, reading a book while sipping a cool beverage, listening to the waves and planning my next days adventure.
Our home abuts an award winning vineyard called “Quails Gate” and due the topography of the landscape, our property has this feel that you’re surrounded by grape vines all the way down to the sandy beach. If you follow the first and closest row of vines, uphill for a couple of hundreds meters you’ll arrive at the boutique winery, tasting room, and one of the finest restaurants in Western Canada. What a pleasant surprise to discover the new restaurant with a friend from Miami, who coincidentally once owned a winery himself in Napa Valley, and would qualify as a connoisseur of fine wine. Together we tasted and tested the best wines of Canada and my friend felt that the Okanagan region was a great find in the world of fine wine, plus he was in awe of the natural beauty of the valley, combined with sophisticated urban development, and superb recreation amenities of British Columbia.
Each day was filled with boating, biking and swimming, then each evening, more socializing, eating and drinking fine wine. By the time we arrived in Las Vegas we felt like we needed a vacation to rest up from the vacation but as you may guess; there’s no time for much resting in Vegas. So until next year, I bid farewell to Super Natural British Columbia.

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