Reflections on Amazonia

Belem do Para is on a part of the river known as the “Lower Amazon”, although the entire region is known in Brazil as the Amazonia. I could say without a doubt that it’s the most memorable place I have ever been, not for a single reason that I would have suspected (before I arrived), however for a couple of reasons I never would have guested – the culture and the beauty. Belem do Para was like fantasy island for me, plus another amazing slice of Brazil, to make me love it all the more. By now I’ve spent over a dozen years getting to know the South American country.

The Amazon river is enchanting and the city of Belem is very mystical. With an equatorial tropical climate, only 24 miles from the Atlantic which provided an afternoon breeze, heaven sent salvage from the ravaging sun, it’s the perfect setting for an out-of-this-world cultural experience. The history of the river and the mystery of the city make a perfect marriage.

The food and music of this city of just over two million souls, was rich and sweet, filled with passion and vigor. The people of Belem really like to party and the city may have been designed for the perfect party place, since all the roads lead to parks and squares. It was normal to see music buses with huge sound sound systems and dancefloor on the roof, with a large group of people dancing along behind. It’s a common thing for the people to party dance in a parade.

Bicycle riders like me, find themselves in paradise because there are 90 kms of bike paths, plus the city has so many riders that the cars have become used to bicycles and it’s common to see couples and even families riding on the same bike. There’s bicycles everywhere you go and places to park them provided at most grocery stores, malls and even restaraunts can offer valet bicycle treatment, yes they have designated space in guarded parking lots too.

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