Amazing Opportunity

The most amazing opportunity in modern time in my mind, is the potential of algorithmic trading of cryptocurrency or FOREX and MLM (multi-level marketing).

Trading systems can cream cryptos because they are so volatile but fundamentally, for the foreseeable future, they’re mostly headed upward, especially the ICO’s but this entire new “security” (same as a stock) is heading upward and this idea leverages people’s greed and the fact that they feel they missed out on BitCoin, add to that that a person can start marketing and promoting for free, or buy-in with a minimum of $60 worth of BitCoin/Etherium, it empowers Mom’s and Pop’s to jump in and start talking up how they just got into BitCoin (and you can too). People with dough will plow hoards into this, unlike other MLM products, so in your downline you may have a group of people starting with $100k, as that is what is happening in London (my upline is in London). The company is called USI Tech Intl. registered in Dubai UAE, they’re about to grow massive and we’re on the ground floor.

I’ve been studying this sector (hybrid technology and pyramid marketing) and a good old high-school friend from Kelowna, (Karate champion and self made millionaire), was making a killing on one of these programs (called CoinXL) but then it was bought by a bigger company and I was put on hold while a new company was taking shape. Then as I kept researching I came across the most amazing entrepreneur I’ve ever seen (for us) and he is in Brazil right now, he’s a German named Horst Jicha and he built several huge firms and just before retiring stumbled onto the above mentioned hybrid ideology. You must watch the 15 minute interview of Horst Jicha.

See this video on the Digital Tycoons channel about the founder Horst Jicha:

And join my team by clicking on the link that say’s “Get started now” –

This is the easiest duplicate way to become a BitCoin Billionaire faster than any other way. Your friends and family can help their people too, this is perfect timing for helping allot of people.

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