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For several years I’ve been subscribed to a Newsletter by a man from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, named Michael Levy. I really can’t even remember how I came about to be registered, because it’s been so long. Perhaps through “Science of Mind” as I attended the services regularly for many years when I lived in South Florida, and met lots of interesting people.
At any rate the description of the newsletter called “Point of Life Global Spirit” is as follows – Always:- Thought Provoking – Stimulating – Energizing – Refreshing – Inspirit. It arrives in my in-box about once per month and I always seem to enjoy it, and most often get some benefit from it. Today I received a new issue, which is why I was thinking about it tonight, and recalled that it provided me some amusement.

I’m going to borrow and excerpt from Michael but before (and after) I do, I’ll provide you with the link to the Yahoo Group is located, if you’d like to join this worthwhile monthly newsletter mailing list. Just click here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PointofLife/ also I noticed that Michael has a cool website by the same name, here www.pointoflife.com
The Ten Essential Requirements For Asset Management.
by Michael Levy
How good are you at managing your assets? Over the past few years, I have received a few invitations to attend seminars at high-class restaurants. Naturally, I have attend a few and enjoyed a nice meal and at the same time listened to expert financial managers teach me how to take care of my assets.
Most of the speakers are overweight and do not seem to be in the best of health. The audiences are mostly elderly retired people and most of them appear to be on medications, very few seem to be fit and healthy. It appears that many peoples wholeness affluence has turned into unwholesome effluence, when it comes to authentic, serene mind & body asset management.
Maybe most people have lost sight of what the real assets are in their lives and thus do not have any ideas on how to manage them. For the majority of people, experts and novices alike, the management of their health, well-being, contentment, serenity, composure, happiness, state-of-mind, body fitness, and genuine love of life is sadly neglected.
Before you tell me that it is the job of the medical profession to manage people’s health, do you really want to give up your health and peace of mind in the hope medical counseling, medication and surgery can return what you neglectfully give away? Sure, they can fix-the-unhealthy-up… Set broken bones… Perform heart operations etc.
However, most medical practitioners do not teach their patients how to organize their precious wholeness assets … So who can?
Who can really look after your most precious assets so that you compound your tranquility and well-being, to earn the rewards of a happy, healthy, wealthy life you deserve? The answer is …
• Only you have the most vested interest to invest and mange your own well-being.
• Only you will be the sufferer if you screw-up and get it wrong.
• Only you will become depressed and lose interest in the things that mean the most to you, when you are preoccupied in all the things that don’t really matter.
The only way any person can make sound decisions and satisfactory judgments is by understanding who they are, but firstly and most significantly, who they are not.
Self-examination on a daily basis is essential for any person who wishes to protect their heartfelt assets, whilst obtaining the happy returns their lifestyle requires.
Everyone is different … Everyone has their own wishes and aspirations … Everyone has their own personal slant on life … Everyone should ask the following ten questions to evaluate their asset management requirements.
1. Do I allow stress to take away my joy?
2. Do I utilize my time wisely or is it misspent on pointless pursuits?
3. Are my cloths and shoes made of the best natural fibers and do they fit comfortably?
4. Do I drink enough water each day?
5. Do I eat the best nutritional food available?
6. Do I exercise enough each day to keep my body in supple condition?
7. Is my mattress and bedding the best quality, I can afford. Also, am I getting enough deep sleep each night?
8. Am I happy every moment of every day in work and play?
9. Is my mind clear and enlightened enough to make my own financial decisions and do I research every investment before I choose the one with the best value and returns?
10. Do I recognize who I am, apart from each role I play every day?
Everyone needs to find out if the questions open any skeletons in the corners of their mind that need to be scrutinized.
Just like your personal monetary assets, your portfolio of conditioned thoughts requires analyzing and investigation. As with all good asset management, the old thought mechanisms that do no work any more need to be exchanged for newer, better, more interest serving awareness, so the conscious mind can serve you better and produce a higher yielding life of satisfactory bliss.
The more you practice your self-asset management, the more questions you ask, the healthy and happier you become and you know what … Your financial assets will also perform better.
If your financial mangers did not perform well and lost you money, you would give them the boot and find better management. So why stick with the thoughts that only bring you depression, misery, ill health and emotions of low self-esteem? Become your own asset super- intendent and mange your resources with gratifying prosperity.
Just click here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PointofLife/ also I noticed that Michael has a cool website by the same name, here www.pointoflife.com

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