Marianne Williamson for President

Marianne Williamson - Caricature
Marianne Williamson – Caricature

Marianne Williamson brings an entirely new wisdom to the discussion of government and society and our individual responsibility to become part of the change. Anyone with the courage to discuss tough issues with a new perspective that is non-political and more about doing the right thing, needs to be heard. We all agree we need change, well… here she is.

This is about all of us by Marianne Williamson

The election of one person president is politically just the tip of an iceberg; what is most significant is the mass that lies beneath it. This campaign is about all of us, and is dedicated to an uprising of energy among anyone who is drawn to it. The word “citizen” has lost its sense of importance in America today. Too many people are either disengaged politically, or tell themselves that someone else is handling all those things, or think that politics is too toxic, or think it doesn’t make any difference anyway, or simply feel they’re too cool to care. This massive disengagement has led to a weakening of our societal immune system, leaving us open to myriad opportunistic infections that are eroding our democracy.

Yet underneath all that is the yearning of our hearts, and deep down we the people do care. None of us are truly apathetic so much as we feel at times paralyzed by the challenges that confront us. Yet this is not a time for passivity; it is a time for vigor and for passion. That is the challenge of our age.  At a time when fear has been harnessed for political purposes, we must turn wisdom and love into a political force. History has called to us; now let us respond.

Marianne Williamson for President

Marianne Williamson – Caricature credit: DonkeyHotey on / CC BY

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