Juan O Savin Leads us Towards the Light

Juan O Savin leads us towards the light of peace and love and uses stories from the Bible to compare our current situation to the parting of the Red Sea. Juan explains how during the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt that Moses and his two million followers were driven up against the sea by the Pharaoh’s army of chariots. In this analogy the sea parted because the people were focused on what seemed impossible (i.e. a large body of water), rather than focusing on the chariots.

The meaning of the Juan O Savin message is simple, stop focusing on the enemy and instead turn all your concentration on the outcome you wish to see happen. For me I could really relate because I began to realize that I was spending most of my day, each day sharing information about the dangers of the vaccine and the damage it is causing to people all around the world. The end result is that I feel no joy in my work and in Juan’s comparison all that I’m doing is reporting on the advancing chariots.

The time has come for us to turn our attention towards the solutions and stop looking at the problems. Simply put… the solution is faith in God. We need to be doing more for his glory, rather that spreading more news of destruction. We need to either invent ideas of hope or share news about direction forward. We need to pray to ask God, how do we make the sea part? So we can cross to the safety of the promised land.

Peace and Prosperity is the promised land and tyranny and enslavement is what we are leaving behind. So how do we get there? Make no mistake, we are engaged in a war for the soul of humanity but with all the talk about fighting and holding the line we sometimes forget that Patriots vastly outnumber the would-be dictator class of governors, minions and media, therefore Unity is how we pass through and across this challenging time and place we find ourselves in.

Global share of people who believe in God or a supreme being, by country, as of 2010 Source: Statistica

We must unite in peace and remain steadfast in our conviction that the Truth will set us free. Nothing else short of the truth is going to end this war for the world and by concentrating our thoughts on victory. The wisdom of Jesus Christ provides us the most sustainable form of resilience. We are involved in Spiritual warfare and the evil one is leading his chariots at us, therefore we must armour ourselves with the resolve that God will not allow us to perish. Pray with all your might for God’s divine protection.

At no other time in history has it been more important to believe in God or a supreme being, this is the common bond that we share as humans. There are 4,200 various religions and 33,820 denominations of Christianity, all share the same God. The enemy is God-less and are imposing dictates over us that are Satanic. Vaccines contain fetal tissue cells in the serums, this is the purest type of evil, as it tricks people into participating in human sacrifice.

Deception in the name of science has removed many of us from our belief in natural immunity (given by God). The elite leaders of our world have enacted a plan to reduce the population and take total control of each and every living being by convincing the masses through media and forcing government overreach on the populace by stating that it was for our own safety. This plan was long in the making and we should have seen it coming but the end result is that we now find ourselves in a very dark place in human history.

Juan O Savin is leading us towards the light of love and peace by telling us to turn away from the evil and focus on the light. Humanity will survive only if we collectively regain our faith in God, that’s the true spirit of love and God is love.

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