Forest City, Malaysia

Forest City, Malaysia

Forest City in Malaysia is a visionary project, of a scale and scope hard to describe without geographical context. Singapore is a success story, so Malaysia copied Shenzehen idea, which was to build a city facing Hong Kong to mimic and then surpass. The infrastructure is in place for Malaysia to grow for decades from the proximity to Singapore.

Forest City is even more than it’s name implies but to sum up part of the strategy is to reclaim mud-flat islands and swamps of mangroves, into green and smart cities with rapid transit and shared gardens terraced biotecture in one third of common areas.

Forest City, Malaysia

The buildings are assembled from uniform sections, made in a factory of 300 workers, for the exact specification, then shipped to site and installed. This is essentially a massive Lego city, the size of which is comparable to Rhode Island, or Vermont, as far as the eye can see in either direction.

Ironically, the endangered marine habitats are now better-off and and Eco-science is protecting a disaster but constant negotiations are ongoing between the developers and the environmentalists.


To create a better society through our endeavors, and to become the world’s most competitive real estate developer.


To build the prime model of a future city.

Core Values

Integrity: We serve with integrity and conscience.

Quality: We deliver five-star quality property through exacting processes.

Social Responsibility: We believe in contributing to the individual and the societies in which we operate.

Innovation: We build a better future through an innovative and bold approach to design, planning, execution and management.

Customer Satisfaction: We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by anticipating, understanding and responding to their needs.

Forest City Photo Credit from Facebook Group


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