Earth Day in the Pacific Northwest

Earth Day

There’s no other day that deserves recognition and celebration like Earth Day, we don’t even know how old she is, or who lives inside her and on her sea floor but we managed to exploit every square inch of the place we call earth. Today I give thanks and declare my love of mother earth, the best planet that I’m able to remember living on.

Sure we have moments of discomfort and occasional tremors, belches and quakes but no matter what we humans do to slow her down, she just keeps spinning around like we weren’t even here. Meanwhile we’re busy drilling holes and scraping the surface, poisoning and plundering with the sense of urgency of a tick on a dog, and yet she just keeps on flying through space, while playing in a band with nine other planets (Nibiru = X), in an endless series of concerts, while many of the passengers are busy planning a mutiny, of the people who they think, control the spin.

In the great symphony of the planets, the little earth is just a singer in the chorus, as the tempo of the song accelerates and the beat quickens, the resonance raises as the climax approaches. Pulsating energy blasts out into space at a higher and higher frequency, as we all whirl through the universe together, towards the next dimension, on our way to infinity, faster and faster.

The audience is in awe of the fractals, and wonders if she will do a pole reversals for an encore. Do we end at the beginning? or do we begin at the end? Are we inside a computer simulation, or is this the mind of God?