Drudge Report, Zero Hedge and Youtube

Fight Club and Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge

At the risk of sounding redundant, as I know I’ve said this somewhere before but because it’s worth repeating, I’ll say again; the first things I read online every morning and the last thing I look at online every night, in the same order is Drudge Report, Zero Hedge and Youtube and here’s why you should too. Always knowing the hot topics and trending videos enables the reader valuable insight into what other people are thinking and reading about, simply because Drudge Report has over 1 billion readers per month, or over 25 million people per day.

Machiavellian reasoning written to give you an edge in these days of information overload, also provide enough hot topics to keep you dialed-in to the major world events. Imagine the influence of the collective consciousness the Drudge Report has over the technocrats on the planet?

Appreciate the format and enjoy the simple, straight-forward way Matt Drudge has laid out the the content, all of which is open source.

Zero Hedge plays by new rules

“You’re not your job or the editor of ZH…” Tyler DurdenThe power of Zero Hedge is even more impressive than Drudge because Tyler Durden is a nom de plume that has earned enormous respect, one reader at a time, for a very simple reason, in that it’s superb reporting and professional journalism. What Zero Hedge does that no-other website does, is report all the stories that are effecting the financial markets to aggregate a much broader picture of the global markets, from a Wall Street insiders perspective. Coverage of topics and issues that commercially sponsored (MSM) websites would be unable to expose.

The notion of Tyler Durden being the ZH editor, if you’ve ever seen the movie the Fight Club, is very compelling. Tyler played by Brad Pitt, is the alter-ego of Edward Norton as he experiences some type of deranged dual-personality, loss of identity, inner-struggle, which is the key theme to the story, the point of which is that Tyler knows that eventually he’s going to get destroyed but he doesn’t care because the thrill of the winning is so powerfully addicting and the complete total defiance of normalcy, rules and regulations takes control, just like anarchy.

Youtube is a different matter because it’s a search engine and has predictive programming, so whatever you’ve been watching lately it will send you more of the same. Plus, most of us who watch more than an hour of Youtube per day have an account and have it set-up in the best way to present the selection that will be most related. In recent times there’s been a behind the scenes battle happening, to censor the channels and videos that promote topics that may be controversial, according to some small group of people who feel they need to protect the world, from knowing too much information about crimes committed by people in high places, dare I say any of these names, or topic titles, for the search engines to begin categorizing me, in with truth seeking activists.

I love Youtube for how it’s revolutionized the web and created the most amazing platform for sharing ideas and developing communities etc… In my mind, for every bad intention or hate video uploaded to youtube, there’s 1,000 with good intentions and love. People really put their heart and soul into video, not all, however unfortunately the vast majority of video is of such poor production quality and/or without any reason or purpose, just like the spoken word in the real world.

Where the problem is, as I see it, if youtube continue to censor video creators, the people will find a new place where the concept of “free speech” is the mission statement.

Zero Hedge Photo credit: pejess on Visual Hunt / CC BY
Tyler Durden quote photo credit: junaidrao on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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