Disclosure of the Disclosure

Free Energy Disclosure
Free Energy Disclosure

Whenever two or more separate super-powers (NASA and the Pope), tells you that in the future they are going to disclose something to you (in 2020), take warning, this is obviously another controlled narrative and now because they can’t even get out in-front of their own secretive plans, they telegraphed that it’s going to be a limited hang-out, right out of the gate.

Controlled narrative and partial disclosure, just enough tech leaked into the public sphere to begin rationalizing missing money from Defence budgets, as well as explain some of the already existing toys in the hardware inventories, of the various different branches of military. Now there’s a word I never wanted to see on this Blog and I won’t write it again but that’s what robbed humanity of it’s flying cars and us living like the Jetson’s.

The truth is out-there and breakthroughs are happening right, left, and center but don’t expect the power structures of earth, to tell us even half the truth about what they know of free energy, anti-gravity and/or frequency medicine. This is a crime against humanity to conceal life-changing and potentially life-saving technology to use for private secret research.

The combustion engine has been obsolete for at least 75 years and whatever Nicola Tesla had invented was stolen from the masses too. All-in-all we have every right to be indignant about the secret space programs and the black budgets that funded them. Let’s admit it already, that it happened worse than Hollywood told it would… but now it’s time to move-on. Just disclose already, and let us learn, what we’re not going to be told.

Let’s just plan a disclosure of the disclosure.

Disclosure Photo credit: Tanozzo on Visualhunt / CC BY


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