Art Criticism

Art is a result of human creativity which has some perceived quality beyond its usefulness, usually on the basis of aesthetic value or emotional impact.
~ Wikipedia

Such a broad topic; Art, that it could have dozens of categories and subcategories. Anyone can be an Art Critic and probably everyone is, to some degree or another.

Where to begin, as an artist? How does one educate themselves on the subject of Art? In something so subjective can anyone become an artist? Why aren’t writers considered artists? especially since they paint pictures with words, then when the best written stories become movies the work of the writer becomes art.
Have the best artists in history been discovered? Since many great artists weren’t discovered until after their death, is it possible that many were never discovered at all? By the way, who discovers a great artist? Would the artist become better and more truthful if they were never discovered? or is there instilled in everyone a desire to become recognized?
Has our modern culture, with it’s obsession towards accumulating wealth and fame, diminished the great works of art? Do Art Schools train students how to make a living designing commercial art, rather than capturing the beauty of nature, portraying the horrors of our world, or depicting and illustrating the events of history? When does Fine Art become Commercial Art? How does a starving artist feed them self? or for that matter get into art school?
I think I appreciate art but obviously I have allot to learn.

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