Nothing Ventured….

…nothing gained.
I needed to sign up to another MLM program as much as I need another hole in my head but having received a message from an old trusted friend named Julio, describing a very simple program, that was conceived and launched by a mutual friend, who lays claim to having made fortunes and set records in Network Marketing (verifiable). Plus, the product was something I actually needed, so I joined and became the 1,777th member, 17 days from launch.

Also, Julio is no slouch being one of the top earners in at least a dozen programs. These guys are what’s known in the MLM industry as heavy-hitters. Since the product is useful and the program is in pre-launch (free to hold a spot), I didn’t hesitate, just spent the 3 minutes and joined the program.
Together Julio and friends have created a bunch of drop-dead-easy, user friendly, automated recruiting systems, which have placed them at the top of the list in sponsoring new members. This significantly increases my chances, and yours (if you join me), in making some decent money from this program.
NOTE: In my experience rapidly growing MLM programs, with free sign-ups and promises of free spill-over, never last long and often fail before the first check gets mailed. However, I have personally met dozens of individuals that have made fabulous incomes from MLM, just that I am not one of them (yet), which is why I occasionally jump in during pre-launch.
To read the program details and/or to get started, click here.

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  1. Lucky March 23, 2007 at 11:36 am #

    Interesting article.You may also be interested to know that the next Real Player in Network Marketing will prelaunch in March, 2007, and is looking for Founding Distributors.

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