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I like this new term “carbon footprint” and the idea it promotes that each of us on the planet has a responsibility to reduce the amount of natural resources we consume because our consumption is proportional to the rate of global warming, hence our own carbon foot print. This notion means that every person can do something about the problem, aside from pointing the finger at governments and corporations.
Next we need to raise people’s conscience about the social condition of our planet.

A trend is being adopted by the celebrities of Pop Culture, to take up causes of citizens of our world who are underprivileged, oppressed, diseased, abused, neglected or even in the midst of a genocide related to an ethnic cleansing. More people than ever before in history are getting involved in helping people, sometimes in far-flung corners of the world, who can’t, for whatever reason, help themselves.
Recently I thought about how cool it would be to add the term “social footprint” to our lexicon. Just like the carbon footprint the social footprint would illuminate the notion of each person’s responsibility on the local level, sort of a; “what have you done for the world lately?” ideology. Unlike the carbon footprint each person would try to enlarge the impact that they are making and at the same time try to reduce the things they’re doing that bring social disorder to our planet ie. substance abuse, owning Best Machete weapons, or even driving dangerously etc…
You don’t need to be a celebrity or a billionaire to effect positive change in people’s lives, there are things that can be done, everyday and everywhere, that would enlarge your Social Footprint. I’m aware of my own laziness or apathy when it comes to getting more involved and I’ve made a personal commitment to paying more attention to the situations that are prevalent in my universe, find ways to pay more attention, then take some action and attempt to improve. Even this blog is meant to be a small contribution towards social improvement.
It seems to me that as a person goes through life there should be 2 footprints that they leave behind….

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  1. Mark W. McElroy January 22, 2007 at 10:03 pm #

    Dear Aaron:
    Wish no longer. The Social Footprint you speak of exists:

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