Executive Summary is a Direct Marketing Company concentrated on Internet Gambling operations. Since 1997 the founders have specialized in helping Internet Gaming businesses get and keep customers. (WS) plans to develop an Affiliate Network and Portal for the Gambling Industry.
The Company (WS) is planning to develop a “Player Rewards Club” to sell CRM (customer relationship management) for customer acquisition and player retention to On-line Casinos and Sportsbook gaming companies (US$20 billion a year industries). The website will features a unique Affiliate Network to empower independent marketers, by enticing Gambling Portal Webmasters to join the network and earn money (commissions) from our Gaming partners, and monthly over-rides from the Player Rewards Club.

Management is provided by Aaron Day, and Steve Erlich (Miami, Fla.) experts in online marketing, data-mining, and web site development. Other executives are Thomas Wells (Las Vegas, NV), Robert Mackesy (Miami, Fl), Robert HiII (Dallas TX), and Heng Goh (Vancouver, Canada). The marketing team have ample International Business Development experience and host a significant database of global associates.
WS affiliate software will track, manage, communicate and report on affiliate partnerships. New affiliates use an easy set up process with detailed checklist and online tutorial featuring complete support and technical documentation. WS then offers Click, Lead, or Sales campaigns and pay partners either a flat rate or percentage of sale amount on an array of revolutionary products and services.
Affiliate Network Management software enables WS to view Statistics by affiliate, by campaign, by performance, by ad breakdown, plus add new product campaigns rapidly. WS plans to revolutionize the Affiliate Marketing Industry by offering Gaming specific Debit Cards and revenue-share Players Club.
Players will win from registration in multiple Sweepstakes, guaranteed to produce winners. WS will offer a specialized Smart Card that stores non-cash value items like Player Reward points and discounts as the reward system. This Smart Card is funded and operated like any Master CardTM or VisaTM product and can be bundled with benefits and services, such as Sports Betting Information, and monthly subscriptions.
The 400 companies in the online gaming industry today operate about 2,500 total websites to service about 80 million players (2003) who log on at least once per year to gamble. There are approximately 40,000 webmasters earning revenue from Internet Affiliate Marketing (Jupiter Research, 2003) and Internet Gambling is by far the most lucrative industry-sector for Internet Marketers.
Online gambling revenues have been growing at about a 50% compound annual growth rate (Informa Media Group, 2004), which represents one of the world’s leading growth markets. Although between half and two-thirds of online gamblers are presently Americans, the industry is growing faster overseas. Market research suggests that somewhere in the world one first-time gambler logs on every 30 seconds. These statistics are the reason why about seven new gaming websites are coming online daily, most of them obviously going out of business within 90 days because they cannot obtain and retain the numbers of customers they need to break-even. can solve that problem for clients.
In servicing this market, Winning Streak needs to raise $2.5M in capital for technology licenses, installation of Affiliate Network Software, acquisition of Smart Card inventory, build-up of opt-in permission e-mail lists and the successful launch of the web site. During the first year forecasts gross revenues to exceed US$400,000. During the second year estimated revenues are approximately US$1.5 million. Operating margins (Business model available upon request) are estimated to exceed 70% of revenues, based on a monthly burn rate of approximately $50,000 per month.
The investor proposal being made by Winning Streak is that 25 million participating preferred shares (equal to 10% of the total authorized share capital) is being offered @ US$0.10. A Revenue Participating Royalty equal to 40% of gross revenue be paid out pro rata to the owners of the Preferred Shares until the investors have had their initial investment returned in full, which is estimated to be within two years. Investors then would hold a carried interest in ten percent (10%) of the equity of Winning Streak. If first year revenue fails to exceed US$250,000, investors will have the right (by shareholder agreement) to purchase (non-diluted) additional shares @ US$0.01 (max. 5M). There are no options or warrants.
An Offering Document and Subscription Agreement are available by writing:

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