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Every Sunday night at midnight the Silicon Palms server, home to a dozen active websites, automatically performs a analysis of the access logs using a software called Urchin 5, to generate very thorough and extremely accurate visitor reports. Urchin 5 is the best in my opinion, and I’ve tried many other similar software, because the reports are generated from the Log files and not from a Java script or some other data base tracking system, which often rely on cookies or small pieces of code imbedded in the pages.
Last week led the pack with 14,766 unique user sessions, followed closely by with 14,079, making up 27% and 26% of the overall web server traffic. was a ways back with 6,181. An interesting note is that visitors remain the longest on, sometimes an average of 8 minutes, and read an average of 3 pages.

Here is the summary of the report.
Report: Summary – Urchin Summary Report
Date Range: 09/27/2005 – 10/03/2005
Total Sessions 53,841.00
Total Pageviews 149,855.00
Total Hits 201,149.00
Total Bytes Transferred 2.74 GB
Average Sessions Per Day 7,691.57
Average Pageviews Per Day 21,407.86
Average Hits Per Day 28,735.57
Average Bytes Transferred Per Day 401.19 MB
Average Pageviews Per Session 2.78
Average Hits Per Session 3.74
Average Bytes Per Session 53.41 KB
Average Length of Session 00:05:28

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