The best laid plans

Typical for me that I’d procrastinate in writing something for the new category “body”, as it seems like it’s the last thing that get’s my attention, despite firm resolve to be more active, and for that matter, proactive, in improving my health.
It’s so easy to blame it on all the hours I spend hunkered over my computer, working on projects and trying to make more money (never enough), but oddly, I really enjoy all forms of exercise, especially swimming but even running, which I do manage to accomplish at least 4 times per week.

It’s just not enough. My Dad is now 75 and keeps fit with a steady regime and good disciple, mind you, he’s retired and cherishes his health, loves to ski and golf, swim and bicycle. He say’s that the older you get the harder it is to remain fit and the faster you can loose muscle tone.
At 44 I’m noticing the curse of age already. Thing is that I love food, all sorts, and tend to eat too much and too often, plus often consume alcoholic beverages with meals, so it’s like a double whammy. Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday and the summer has returned to Sao Paulo, my club awaits me, with it’s awesome clay tennis courts, brand new rubberized jogging track, dozen large swimming pools, and ample trails meandering through the big trees and natural forest like setting. There’s no excuse, I tell myself.
In my mind I promise myself that the day will come when taking better care of my body will become my full-time job and everything else will become hobbies. For now, it’s the other way around, and in some ways, a race against the clock, hoping that my body will remain strong and as resilient to colds, flu, and disease as it has been all these years, long enough to let my mind keep running to achieve the career goals I have set in front of myself. Thankfully, there are such things as mirrors to remind one-self of the realities of fitness…

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