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Living in Brasil I’m constantly reminded of how lucky I am, to have good health, great family, an education, and the means to provide an income for myself and family. Life is sweet! I enjoy living in South America, for all it’s bad points I’m able to find enough good to make up for it.
Yesterday, I saw a young boy asleep on the sidewalk in a very busy neighborhood, he was melting in the hot sun, barefoot and totally filthy stinking. I was wondering what sort of depravity he was involved in the previous night, to be able to sleep, not only in the bright, hot, mid-day sun, but also with all the commotion going on, as he was only a couple meters from a busy street corner.

Later, the evening of the same day, I was walking my dogs not to far from that corner and admiring a nice sunset, the boy was gone and the streets were quiet when I noticed a troop of Catholic Nuns go by. Maybe walking from the church back to the huge house-come-monastery, where ever they were coming from, or going to, it was an interesting site to see, as they are all people who’ve devoted their lives to serving something (or someone) other than themselves, and they’re often the glue that holds some the of the destitute parts of the community together. Low impact on the environment, unselfish, and committed to doing good.
Almost every day I tune into CNN or BBC to get best vacuum for pet hair a dose of English speaking news, and these days I find the events of the world more disturbing than some of the grim realities of humanity that I see in my home city of 18 million inhabitants, Sao Paulo. The notion of the damage, officials call “pandemic”, that can, or most likely will, be caused by Bird-flu. Next segment is very disturbing film clips of earthquake ravaged Pakistan, in a place I had often wished to go and visit, I’m referring to Kashmir (rather than Pakistan), now I doubt that it’ll ever be the same but presently the images being broadcast are enough to dwarf any problems or challenges in the lives of anyone I know.
Even if you consider the disaster of Hurricane Katrina to New Orleans, then the mess of Hurricane Rita, it’s small by comparison, but still no-less troubling to the mind. Imagine the trauma of children who absorb these same images? mixed with a constant barrage of suicide bombing from the middle east and threats of chemical or biological terrorism to New York City subway systems, which actually turned out to be a hoax – incidentally that’s the best tool of terrorism, cause fear without actually doing anything. Still the USA drama of disaster is minuscule compared to that of Pakistan. Plus, how could anyone forget the Tsunami in South East Asia, all this stuff is starting to take up allot of mental bandwidth.
A few years ago I read a few books in the “Left Behind” series, then watched a movie made from the book. Naturally, the ideology never left me, that we’re in end times. Or, maybe you’d rather not consider the religious version of what may be happening with our beloved planet, so you could draw some comparisons to the movie “The Day After” in which a highly congruent theory about Global Warming makes some scientific conclusions, explaining why there’s an increase in natural disasters, and a heightened chance of more of the same. All this is heavy stuff (information), no matter how you process it.
What’s a person to do, when the random access memory (RAM) of the mind because too burdened with negative data? What I do is hit the “escape” button, go within. Find a way to get so immersed in something else, that the RAM is too busy processing that data to continue processing the short-term memories from the media consumption. Also, my best remedy is strenuous exercise, which for me is running, and what I have trained myself to do while running, is to seek a quiet spot in my mind, which often takes 20 minutes to achieve, so I try to draw memories from my long-term storage to review while I’m waiting for the peace that most often comes from the process.
So, if you’re reading this, and like me suffering a little from the images of strife coming from around the world, and the implications of the meaning of all these weird events, then take action – get up, get out, and get on with living. You’re no use to the world (or yourself) caught in a brain-freeze. Just do it! Also if you’re askin if is this the best dog cancer supplement? Click the link to read more about.

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