The “I AM” Portal of the Great Awakening

A portal is a relationship, a connection of energy between the many dimensions and fields that make this universe together.

The quantum picture of reality that is so much more layered, more complicated, more beautiful more magical and determines how you feel or what you experience than what you have learned in school.

Knowledge that has been lost behind the canvas of the matrix representation of reality.
A film that makes you believe that you are not part of that big magical whole, that you are not able to connect with everything and most of all just make you believe that you have no influence on not only your own life, but on everything and everyone.
Because that is what the theatre makers of the dark wanted to have in particular.
Your influence.
Influence, power, over you and your frequency.

If you influence the energy, on the frequency of that energy, you determine reality.

If you can trigger people in their fear, their guilt and their shame, sadness, frustration and loneliness. Can you make him relive his emotions. Then his fears become reality, because the Mind sees what it fears confirmed and when the thought, the belief is confirmed, the circus of survival starts spinning and man has lost his control.

The deepest fear of every human being is to be left alone. The contrast that causes the most intense fear and which is at odds with the experience of connection and unity before and just after cutting the umbilical cord.
We are all one and part of the great collective whole, the non-physical field of energy. Not tangible and visible. Can be felt. Just think of those who are no longer with you in this life but are always with you on the other side. Not above somewhere far away, but here around you. Tangible, approachable, still in relationship and in communication with you but in a different situation from the layers that make up this reality.

I am one with everything and everyone
We are one with everything and everyone
From that unity there is connection and from that connection we influence each other.
If we are aware of that deep reality, we can start steering the reality.
Influencing our own experience, but also ours together. From connection there arises an upward or downward balance.
The more people have a high vibrating “harmonious” frequency and thus have broken out of the fear matrix.
The higher the field will vibrate around you.
This is the Great Awakening.

A portal temporarily facilitates a stronger relationship, situation and communication between you and all fields around you. Physical and non physical. Linear and quantum. In your own field and with all the fields around you.
Send your energy with your thoughts in the direction of how and where you want to feel it.
Calibrate on the emotion you want to be and experience.

Say no to all other communications that “invite” or try to force you to change frequency.
Say no to the lower steps on the stairs.

On the path of awakening you develop the choice and the influence to consciously go higher and not lower each time.
Say No to guilt and shame and say Yes without fear, thereby acknowledging the life force within you. Feel how that respect for yourself resonates and your higher self affirms and honors in the life that you are.

If your mission and goal is to get higher in you and our evolution than where you are now and where we are now;
Then take the moment of 11.11 on the clock that helps with the numerology, gematria and all the laws of the universe to direct the energy upwards.
I AM Harmony with everything and everyone.

Let go of what is not yours.
Leave what doesn’t help you.
Look up.
Don’t let anything stop you.

You are not alone.
Many will now find the path of awakening.
And so it is

I send you love
Daniëlle Stotijn

The “I AM” Discourses

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