Spiritual Warfare Protection

Spiritual Warfare ProtectionThe past shows that there’s always been a Spiritual war of good versus evil, for sure the proof has always been there, plus throughout history there’s been bad guys and good guys and from the beginning of time; good people have succumbed to bad ideas. However it’s the cover-up and obstruction of truth that makes any bad idea into an evil act. People have to die when the government has to lie, thus enacts the cover-up process which causes endless cycles of more pain (to the people).

We live in troubling times because our power structure is corrupt and the people lost control (partially) of the government that was inside the government, also known as the “Deep State”.

We live in a world where anything could happen, at any time, in any place, because there’s powerful evil forces in positions of control. If that idea makes you uncomfortable, imagine if this struggle for power has always been happening? How did it begin and where did it come from? These are the essential questions you’d want to know, after asking “how do we stop it?”

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As I see it, the only way forward is; to become the change… expose things that need truth. Spiritual! pray to God daily for a blessing, for positive change, for protection from evil and to be with us.

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