Silicon Palms Kaizen

Silicon Palms was always a kaizen concept as a business, developing websites is what we set-out to do. Design and develop online company start-ups. The original dream for the company faded over time and Silicon Palms became more of a web administrator and lost it’s start-up level spirit. The company needed some exciting new ideas and that’s exactly what we got. Recently we started designing a new strategy to sell Silica and Silicates, so we’re exploring opportunities related to resource mining and commodity trading, of Silica from South America.

Kaizen in kanji

By Majo statt SenfOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Meanwhile Silicon Palms is involved in cryptocurrency trading and the promotion of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (more about this in the near future).

The projects we’ve developed and the businesses we built will remain with us, as Silicon Palms metamorphoses into it’s own Brand, while enacting Kaizen on it’s core-purpose to begin transformation towards the next level and into new markets.


The Japanese word kaizen simply means “change for better”, with inherent meaning of either “continuous” or “philosophy” in Japanese dictionaries and in everyday use. The word refers to any improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small, in the same sense as the English word “improvement”. However, given the common practice in Japan of labeling industrial or business improvement techniques with the word “kaizen”, particularly the practices spearheaded by Toyota, the word “kaizen” in English is typically applied to measures for implementing continuous improvement, especially those with a “Japanese philosophy”.

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