Sao Paulo summer

Carnival has ended and the city is back to full pace. The weather is hot and humid, just how I like it. My wife Paula and I spend as much time as possible at the Club, get up earlier in the morning when the temperature is very agreeable, to get some programming work done. After a few hours of fixing all the broken pages and programs on the new Silicon Palms web-server, we head to the pool at the club and soak up some sun, swim a few laps, enjoy a cold beverage, then drive back home for an afternoon siesta. Most often we run together in the early evening, after which I’ll spend another half dozen hours (or so) back in front of my computer.

Watching the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro on television was very amusing, as each year passes I understand more and more about how the contest works. This year it was incredible to witness the samba school from a huge favela (slum) called Rosihna (little rose), often a contender for the first prize honors, as they suffered the ill fate of a sudden rain squall, then one of the massive parade floats started to catch on fire while another was breaking down. The spectacle was a little sad since so many people have their hopes riding on this big day. The fire watch systems were everywhere. Everything was set up good.
Imagine a team with 37,000 dancers, who pay money to join the samba school, then practice all year, just for the opportunity of dancing into the Samadrome in Rio, in front of millions of spectators, singing and dancing original material written for the contest and the deal is that the entire troupe has 1 hour and 20 minutes to cover the 1 kilometer distance. Now consider that there’s dozens of teams with over 30,000 people involved, so the contest goes all night every night and the winner get’s to dance again on the last day. The entire country watches on TV, this is the super bowl of events in Brazil.
Anyway, back to the explanation of my missing-in-action, related to this and other Blogs that I manage. This has been the longest absence from publishing in my Blogs, as I was travelling all over the world in the last several months, with several trips to Miami Beach and Las Vegas, and my first visit ever to London, England. Lot’s of great things happening in my business life, but more about that in future posts to this blog.
There are now 28 websites on my new kick-ass web server, which resides in Dulles, Virginia and features Akami caching (mirror sites) on every continent – plus a major data center right here in Sao Paulo. The migration of websites from a total of 4 other smaller servers has been completed, with considerable grief, and numerous daily calls to Verio tech support for assistance. Still tons of repairs to make, as I’ve essentially rebuilt all 28 websites which host over 100,000 unique users per week, as I was rebuilding them. Whew, what a major under-taking!
I’m back in Brazil now, happily I might add. Also, stone-cold sober and fit as fiddle (just had an extensive physical at the club) and now I’m raring to get back to full-speed ahead in building my web development company. Hopefully won’t be travelling again for another month or so…

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