Miami Beach

My partner has a condo in an old luxury apartment builiding on Miami Beach, and I’m lucky enough to get to use it from time to time. Tomorrow night I depart Sao Paulo, Brasil on a red-eye bound for Miami. If my luck holds-up, I’ll arrive and clear customs before 6:00am, hit a cash machine and jump a cab to take me to my pad, change to swim gear and be in the ocean watching the sun come up.
The apartment has a wireless network, so as soon as I plug my laptop in, I’m back riding the light. Nicely decorated, large single bedroom, with hard wood floors and cool art work, furnished in a Havana motif. Second floor looking out towards the Intra-Coastal where the big yachts cruise past. It’s a couple of minute walk out the door and down the stairs to a nicely kept, large swimming pool and walk out the path to the best part of Miami Beach.

My next dispatch will likely be from Florida. Things are really moving along nicely with both my MLM business opportunity and some great action on the project. I plan to remain in South Florida, or at least in North America until December 22 – just in time to return to Brasil for Christmas.
The next month will be very exciting as there are so many things manifesting, and since I have so many places to go and people to see. I intend to do my best to post something of value every day on this Blog and all the others that I take care of. Including the new CasinoBeach Blog which actually seems rather crude compared to this one, or any of the others, but hey I’m just trying to have fun with the Blogging technology and keep things simple.
It’s now 1:31 am and I need to get a little sleep, as tomorrow will be a long and arduous day.

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