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To become successful in life requires a long list of important steps, lots and lots of persistence but above all else; determination. There are several great manifestos, filled with the keys to achieving success and several thousand (or more) places where you can obtain this information, all of which is meaningless until it’s assimilated to become knowledge, then put into practice to become wisdom. This process is known as “The Pursuit of Happiness”.

If we were to amass all that’s ever been written or spoken about happiness and then distilled it down to the purest idea, that which we could consume like a magical elixir, it would be this: the secret to success is in your mind. Now I know that may sound rather simplistic, and yes it’s been said by a thousand different people but herein lays the road-map to enlightenment – master your mind, moment by moment, and make yourself manifest your destiny.

There’s so much more than can be said on this topic and so many ways to come to the same conclusion but anyway you slice and dice it, you’ll always come back to the same understanding. My favorite comparison of the mind, is the computer. Since the operating instructions for the applications to create happiness are default programs installed on the hard-drive (brain), and came delivered that way from the factory. It happens that sometimes we get more excited by new programs and become distracted by the gee-whiz shiny new applications, and forget the need to keep things simple.

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