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Silicon Palms LogoSocial Media has exploded so rapidly this year that it’s changed the landscape of the web. Websites are no longer as relevant and even blogs are taking a back-seat in the new media vehicles. Social Networks have gone beyond the tipping point to now become the preferred means of communicating by the masses. Now the trend is to connect the conversations across multiple social networks and instead of trying to keep up with the growth of all these various on-line communities the new trend is to use one interface and connect all the social networks, that describes the new mission of this website – integrate all Silicon Palms social networks.

Silicon Palms is built on Movable Type with the new technology called “Motion” which is designed to bring the conversations that I’m participating in to the this site as a central hub and each of the various social networks is like the spokes bringing the conversations back to one place and distributing each post here back to the networks.

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