New moon in Aquarius is Abundance Arising

Double Aquarius as we are now in the Age of Aquarius on planet earth which entered the astrological constellation of Aquarius. Most exciting time to be alive as we ascend as a species towards manifesting a higher level of peace and potentially; happiness. Assuming that love is the energy that each one of us is receiving more of, therefore in theory a greater level of consciousness and therefor awareness.

My hope is that people in service of other people, for the sheer bliss of atonement, will become a trend as the masses awaken to true meaning of prosperity. To share and give to others what is more that you need to be happy, in order to realize the actual meaning of abundance.

Flower Image by Mariya 💚 STAY SAFE ☘️ Take care of each other 🌍 from Pixabay

New moon in Aquarius message. What guidance does this new moon offer for my current events? THE STAR We now enter the land flowing with milk and honey, full of peace and hope made manifest. We have overcome many difficult experiences which shows us that we are proof, miracles do exist.

We are reminded to trust we are in the hands of divine synchronicity. And yes, a reminder to “Be sweet!” 🌛 How can I use this New Moon cycle to help me move forward?

THE MOON Let’s dive deep into our intuition and find the answers hidden in the depths so we can discover the gateway to our destiny. Release old fears. We are rewriting our very own story.

Meditate and do some free writing to connect to our Inner Voice of wisdom. 🌜 What mindset can greatly support me during this moon cycle?

THE SUN Let’s be happy and see our way clearly revealed for our path ahead. We have come to the oasis in the desert. Be refreshed. We have the mindset to see all things with clarity, nothing is hidden from our view. We have such potential to grow our gifts in ways that we could not have before. Be optimistic; have a very positive outlook! Our way forward is prosperous and we shall find good success.

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