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Today marks the beginning of a new project, as an affiliate to the world’s largest Independent Financial Advisory group, specializing in the offshore marketplace and operating in more than 30 countries around the globe. The website Invest Offshore has been slated for a re-design and now with the distinct purpose of promoting information for and about investing offshore with deVere & Partners.

The challenge with the Invest Offshore project is that the product range of deVere is ideal for expatriot investors but due to strict regulation we must avoid Americans, the problem being that most of the website visitors to Invest Offshore are from USA, so I’ll need to devise and execute a strategy for the search engines that targets citizens of other nations that speak English, as the site is entirely in English at this time.
A little background on deVere & Partners; An expert teams of Independent Financial Advisers in more than 30 countries, they currently have over 25,000 clients, in 105 countries, with in excess of $5 billion of funds under administration and management.
deVere and Partners offer clients advice on a global basis and as a Company are totally independent. They can use all the products and companies in the market and offer unbiased advice. deVere take pride in offering on-going contact and service where ever thier clients are in the world.
deVere and Partners offer investments protected with Government backed security. They recommend investments which offer Government backed investor protection i.e. Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man.

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