I’m Alive Brasil

On the first day the Rainforest Alliance released “I’m Alive” it became the theme song for Wild Orchid Brazil. Our minds were blown by Gisele Bündchen saying; “the time for sustainable forestry in Brazil has arrived”. We felt as though she was speaking directly to us and we feel compelled to answer back – we hear you!

The Floresta da Tijuca Sessions

In a unique collaboration produced by Andres Levin, world-renowned musical artists Caetano Veloso and Lenine, Criolo, Emicida, Pretinho da Serrinha and Sistah Mo Respect along with many other celebrated Brasilian musicians and filmmakers spent three days in Rio de Janeiro’s Floresta da Tijuca, part of Parque Nacional da Tijuca (that supported the project by offering its landscapes to film) creating “I’m Alive” a multimedia expression of our relationship to nature filmed, composed and recorded in the rainforest.

I'm Alive Brasil -creditsCreated by: Andres Levin for Content-OS

Composed by: Caetano Veloso, Lenine, Criolo, Emicida, Pretinho da Serrinha, Rogê, Sistah Mo Repect, Tom Veloso, Júlia Mestre, José Ibarra, Andres Levin and Jorge Drexler

Film Produced by: Paula Lavigne (UNS Produções Filmes),

Directed by: Fernando Young, Paula Lavigne and Andres Levin,

Executive Producers: Larry Lunt and Andres Levin

Featuring: Gisele Bünchen, Caetano Veloso, Lenine, Criolo, Emicida, Pretinho da Serrinha, Sistah Mo Respec, Tom Veloso, Júlia Mestre, José Ibarra, Chico Chagas and Paulo Braga

Introducing Pedrinho da Serrinha

Special Appearance By:
Andres Levin
Alan Gonzaga
Ana Costa
Ávaro dos Santos Carneiro
Cicelle Alexandre
Darelly Caldeira Sette
Deborah Cheyne
Deisiane Conceição de Jesus
Diogo Carvalho Da Silva
Eduardo Louro
Pedro Pablo Monnerat
Gabriel Moura
Geovana Candelária
Juliany Rodrigues
Márcio Vinícius Conceição
Jorge Quininho
Rúbia Siqueira
Thais Batista de Macedo
Thiaguinho da Serrinha
Vinícius Conceição Martins

Additional Recording: Kassin, Thomas Barthlett, Pedro Sá, Cesinha Santos

Strings Arranged by: Stephen Barber
Recorded by: Pedro Pablo Monnerat at Kassin’s studio Rio
Recorded by: Ray Aldaco Sticky Audio NYC

Mixed by: Pat Dillet
Mastered by: Tom Coyne – Sterling Sound
Adaptation by: Arto Lindsay


Directed by: Fernando Young, Paula Lavigne, Andres Levin,
Edited by: Henrique Alqualo
Color by: Pedro Conforti (Brasil),

Trailer edited by: Joaquin Portocarero
Trailer Color by Roman Hankewycz Harbor Film

Production Coordination: Andrea Franco
Video Coordinator:Henrique Alqualo
Communications: Tino Monetti
Assistant Director: Danilo Watanabe
Brasil Production: Sissi Abreu
Production/Sound: Pierre Chêne
Video Assistant: Carolina Nunes
Security: Betinho Texeira
2nd Unit Camera Operator: Alexandre Ramos
Logger: Antônio Equi
1º Assistant Camera: Felipe Lima (Ovelha), Antoine Nicolas
2º Assistant Camera: Pedro Koeler
Sound: Fred Massine
Electric: Marcílio Nascimento
Assistant Electric: Anderson Luiz Viana
Machines: Paulo Fernando Martins (Doca)
Roadie: Luciano Da Silva
Local production and location directors: NOO magazine

Transportation: André
Catering: Art in Rio, by Andrea Cristina Oliveira en Pedro Kemel
Dressing Room Trailers: Claudio and Renata Roizenblit “Shimoo”
Transport: Oxê Locação de Veículos, by Gilberto Brito
Generator: Ismail
Drone: Manjubinha Filmes (Rodrigo Thomé, Rodrigo Figueiredo and Rodrigo Cebrian
Van Equipment: Manoel & Reinaldo Borges
Restaurant: Restaurante da Praça. by Marinho
Chargers: MG7, by Ronildo Gama
HT Radios: HT Rio Loc (José Eduardo Martins and Juliana Porto)
Location: Parque Nacional da Tijuca
Location Scout: André Neves
Location consultants: NOO TV
Park Monitors: Alex Barroso da Silva, Gilvan Alves Vieira and Peterson de Almeida
Park Sub Boss: Carlos Henrique Fernandes
Leasing Consultant: André Neves
Communications Advisor PNT: Júlia Barroso

Content-OS team: Jenna Maranga, Neal Sokol

Special Thanks:
Zeca Veoloso, Rowan Finnegan, Shure Microphones, Apogee, AEA Ribbon Microphones, Sterling Sound, Harbor, Sticky Audio, Tag Gross, Armonia, Gustavo Borner, Justin Moshkevich, Michael Murphree, Mariana Rolim, and Achy Obejas.

Producer, Emicida: Fióti
Producer, Criolo: Beatriz Berjeaut/ Assistant: Giovanna Scarano
Producer, Pretinho da Serrinha: Bruno Rodrigues
Producer, Lenine: KK Mamoni
Producer, Sistah: Laís Sérgio

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  1. aaron September 22, 2015 at 8:22 pm #

    Andres Levin, producer of this awesome video, wrote to thank all those involved with the Wild Orchid Project.

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