How to Escape from the Bottomless Pit

bottomless pit

A wretch like me wakes up one day and knows he’s a wretch, not only that but wrecked and lost. My hand was made strong, by the hand of the almighty. I found a way out of the bottomless pit and lived to tell others. This Bottomless Pit Exit Strategy really works.

Brazil gave me my highest highs, then showed me how low I could go. After a dozen years enjoying Sao Paulo my self-identity and worldview had become set in a cast of clay, in my mind. Living in a corrupt city, in a corrupt state, within a corrupt country, was the best room on the prison planet. Everything was going great, until it all came crashing down.

bottomless stairway

In my worldview all the world was run by Deep State and Globalists, so I was living where I felt most free and happy

Eventually everyone running away hits rock bottom, some of us harder than others. Perfect expression for a turning point that happens in life. Essential to describe that moment in time, when everything changes in an instant, or not. The fork in the road on the journey of life. Reality meets destiny, the light goes on, or not.

Upon waking up a wretched wreck, the first thing a survivor needs to do is face-up to an account of how the wreck happened. For me like most, it was just like bankruptcy, slow at first over a long time and then all at once. Looking back and owning the train-wreck is vital, or we are more likely to do it again.

We must atone to move on, or remain lost in the past

In hindsight I can see clearly the key things I was missing. My worldview clay cast needed to be smashed and my spirituality needed to be activated. The missing key ingredient was faith in a bright future, as I had become severely jaded by my own ideology. The world was a sick evil place, better to live in South America. Then one day I got a wake-up call and my light went on.

Jacob’s Ladder as an Exit Strategy

The ladder of the created Universe is the ladder which appeared in a dream to Jacob, who saw it stretching from Heaven to earth, with Angels going up and down upon it; and it is also the “straight path”, for indeed the way of spirituality is none other than the way of creation itself retraced from its end back to its Beginning.

To save ourselves we climb towards God, we must go. They say that Christ is the Redeemer and his statue stood overlooking Rio, so one day I rode the train to the top of the mountain, so I could stand at his feet and see what there was to see. Magnificent no doubt but I wasn’t there seeking redemption, at that time I was my own God, living with my Godess in a land of plenty.

The destruction of my happy lifestyle was like a subconscious demolition of my self-identity. Everything I thought I knew about myself demolished. It was my dissent into hell.

Forgiveness is the steps on the ladder out of the bottomless pit and no other idea can surpass the incredible lessons on forgiveness taught by Jesus. Christ the Redeemer is more than a statue for me now, if it weren’t for his wisdom, the bottomless pit would have swallowed me.

The Bottomless Pit Exit Strategy is the Straight Path, you can imagine it anyway you like but if it’s not straight you’ll never hear the voice of God cheering you up that ladder.

Sad to believe that I lost my way so badly but the wisdom of Jesus worked. Something I was reading from the good book, impacted me in such a profound way that I became emotional. I found my way, or rather I should say; “the way”.

Happy Are Those Conscious of Their Spiritual Need

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