Grand Solar Minimum is Climate Change

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As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, topics that are negative, mean-spirited, insulting to someone other than myself or instill fear, will be excluded because I don’t want to add to those thoughts and ideas. The weather was once the safest thing to talk about with anyone, not anymore, now that we’re in Grand Solar Minimum.

Since we live in a world of duality, every topic must have an issue of contention. The world is full of highly educated people, that are completely ass-backwards on a few facts. In some cases a lie has been perpetrated at such a high level, and to such a massive degree, and orchestrated with such finesse, to actually convince a majority percentage of global population, to believe in something that is just not true. Such as BH Obama being born in Hawaii and that climate change is man made. The bigger the lie, the easier to sell.

In the case of Obama, he said he was born in Kenya in his own Bio for his first book, which his handlers finessed to be a mistake of the editor. Many people had to die, like Loretta Fuddy, in order for the Hawaii story to stick. Then in a show of absolute power, an entire press conference, held by Sheriff Joe Arpio of Arizona, was ignored. In that non-partisan presentation, 2 separate (world renowned) document experts proved, to every major media outlet in the world, that the birth certificate was forged and a bad forgery. Oh well… doesn’t matter for the deep state.

To this day people say; why does it matter? he was already the President when they found out. Trump intended to expose the truth (in my opinion), then on the evening of his election victory, he met with the Supreme Court Justices and after that meeting his challenge of the Hawaii birth certificate and bet to pay $50M to BHO was dropped (unpaid). All BHO had to do was show the microfiche from the very department where Loretta Fuddy once worked.

Sheriff Joe Arpio had the entire U.S. Government against him and they went after his character with everything they could muster. A man who was trying to do the right thing and be an honest cop was run-over. However, Trump pardoned Joe Arpio and the whole huge mess has been swept under the carpet (for now). Mainstream media have worked overtime to plaster millions of words of content on this story, even turn it into a parody and comedy. Birtherism is now connected with mental illness

Trump wants to win that bet and Obama has never produced the microfiche

In a side note, it’s worth mentioning that the web is being altered and the search engines cleansed to re-write history. My guess is that the former president of the USA is spending more money than anyone in history, to change millions and millions of URLs that once provided facts. In each was edited with breadcrumbs leading elsewhere. For example, there’s often a list of who started the birther movement, it says Donald Trump started the birther movement, when in fact it was Bill Clinton who started the rumour that Obama was not born in the USA, not Trump. It began by Bill Clinton, while in Miami, and that slip caused death in Little Rock.

We live in a Post-Truth era. The enemy of truth now controls the media. History has been hacked.

The reason I mention the birth certificate in the same story as the climate change is because in both cases the information is so overwhelming that there are only a couple of reason why in our duality world, such a high percentage of very intelligent people believe the fabricated story. When you have the Pope pitching the Paris Accord you know we’re in trouble.

Two reasons why duality reigns and why so many smart people are wrong

  1. They never got the facts, used critical thinking, with an open mind
  2. They decided for personal reasons, to stick with their own beliefs

In both cases it’s not going to matter and that’s why I’m allowing myself to write about it now. I’ve actually come to the conclusion that we crossed an imaginary line in the time/space continuum where nothing anyone says will make much of a difference any more. People are going to know the truth soon enough, then all that matters is how they cope with it, and how they act towards other people.

Grand Solar Minimum is just a cycle, truly a wonder of nature and arriving at a more perfect time would have been impossible. Duality is doomed because of singularity, it’s just we’ve not had our shock and awe moment yet but we will, it’s foretold and obvious in the weather itself, and when we do have that come-together awakening, an entirely new consensus will birth the dawning of a new age of enlightenment.

I’m sure some of you are still convinced BHO is who he says he is and probably you’ll never read another word I say but before you go, there’s one thing that can bring benefit to your time, on the second topic, of which I can not be proven wrong. Have the intellectual courage to research the fact that Grand Solar Minimum is Climate Change (it’s not man-made).

Truth will set us free!

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