Evolution of Ideas

John Perry Barlow coined the tern “cyber space” from which I embellished “cyber estate” to describe online property. He was such a pioneer JPB, so much so, as to be way out front of almost anyone else alive at the time. When he published “Economy of Ideas” it must have caused allot of confusion even amongst academia, the only place it would have been read (at first). Now all these years and quantum leaps forward his manifesto is just as valid as it was, and may always be. The most valuable assets in the new global economy are ideas.

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What’s amazing though, and probably even surprises Mr. Barlow, is the evolution of ideas. What starts out as a list of sites to go visit becomes a directory and then morphs into a search engine with a name that sounds more like joke or a riddle than something that could attain a higher net worth than the worlds largest car manufacter or steel producer.
It all starts with an idea. My own observation is that it’s the constant committment to improving on the original idea that eventually provides the value. Now a days the acceleration of ideas into concepts, then into projects and eventually into systems is what is truly amazing. Imagine what can happen next? and it’s already happening. You could theoretically wake up in the morning with a new idea and be deriving revenue from it’s application and use later the same day, without any significant capital expenditure. As a matter of fact there are people who have been able to do just that. Which is why the execution of an idea may be more important than the conception.
The marvel of the Information Age is that anything that has made a single dollar for a single person, online, anywhere in the world, has the very forensics of it’s execution somewhere, left behind. In cases where a person has been able to amass any significant money using the Internet usually there’s an entire industry that’s spawned from the original idea, then sub-industries selling complimentary ideas to enhance the original idea.
Personally, I’ve given up making predictions about the future of ecommerce, not because I’ve been wrong in the past, on the contrary, I accurately predicted online trading of investments, offshore banking and Internet Gambling would all 3 be huge industries, which is why I’m a publisher of information related to those industries. I had a Blog in 2000 when no-one knew what that was and I started using CMS (content management systems) back when they’re were a Beta idea. Now all of these things are mainstream.
My plan is to become a successful business person and for this I’ve once again used the Internet to connect myself with the gurus who have the knowledge I needed to move my career forward. For the past ten years I’ve considered myself a “Cyber Estate Developer” or web publisher, which to me are very similar things. At times I’ve felt more like an Interent Scientist and have even introduced myself as such on the odd occassion, since I’ve spent so much time researching ways in which to support myself so that I could continue designing and developing websites.
Now I’m preparing myself for the next phase in my evolution of ideas and that’s to become financially free from the proceeds of web site development, publishing and most importantly information (or idea) marketing. Soon I’ll be stepping up to the next level by opening an office and hiring, inspiring, and managing a team of people to take over most of the tasks that I do on a daily basis, as I focus my energies on the super-productive task of fulfilling my destiny by leveraging what is truly my greatest strength, networking with other professionals.
I’ll never stop writing and sharing ideas. Plus the greatest thrill for me is the design of a new web site and also publishing great (useful) information, then linking everything together on the net so that the people flow through and consume the ideas. It’s always be a passion for me to be a web developer, but now it’s just that it’s time for me to make a leap of faith in order to reach my aspirations of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
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