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Tridymite (a silicon), ultra thin colorless tabulars (image width: 1,1 mm) - Locality: Wannenköpfe, Ochtendung, Eifel region, Germany

Silicon Definition from Wikipedia

In the universe, silicon is the seventh most abundant element, coming after hydrogen, helium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and neon. These abundances are not replicated well on Earth due to substantial separation of the elements taking place during the formation of the Solar System. Silicon makes up 27.2% of the Earth’s crust by weight, second only […]

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BitCoin MLM Opportunity

Amazing Opportunity

The most amazing opportunity in modern time in my mind, is the potential of algorithmic trading of cryptocurrency or FOREX and MLM (multi-level marketing). Trading systems can cream cryptos because they are so volatile but fundamentally, for the foreseeable future, they’re mostly headed upward, especially the ICO’s but this entire new “security” (same as a […]

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The Nebra sky disk

The Nebra Sky Disk

Pay attention to this information. In 1999 something really old and really important was discovered in a forest in Germany, the truth about this find, is just beginning to be told. The Nebra sky disk is a bronze disk of around 30 cm diameter and a weight of 2.2 kg, with a blue-green patina and […]

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Sugar cane cutters

Sugar Cane Cutters

Once upon a time, in my “young ‘n feerless” days, way back in my early 20’s, I was hitching across Queensland looking for work and boy did I find it. Just outside of Port Douglas, in northern Queensland I met a young dude who’s family owned a sugar plantation, every day they took newbies out […]

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Fairbrook Advisors - FATCA Book

Brought to you by FATCA

FATCA 10,000 guarantor loans has changed the financial and tax environment for Americans working, living, or investing abroad and any alien causing a capital transfer in USD. As a result of FATCA, many old and new rules regarding assets held by Americans outside the United States are enforced. This book is about how both U.S. […]

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Piraeus Bank HQ

Offshore Banking for Expats

People ask me all the time about moving money from one country to another and when I use the term “offshore banking” they often have a quizzical look on their faces and ask me: “is it legal to have an offshore bank account?” That about sums-up the way most people think about banking offshore, especially […]

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Bell System Telephone Switchboard

Online Trading System

10PIPS Review With the large choice of trading systems available, with almost any trading markets can be traded on certain systems, including commodities, stocks or Forex, it’s very difficult to choose a whole trading solution. The leading trading systems are very good at what they do; however, a comprehensive solution for all trading instruments with […]

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The Cardsharps, c. 1594, by Michelangelo Meris...

Live Deal Casino Gaming

Image via Wikipedia Distance gaming or “live deal” casino gaming, call it what you want, is a concept that embraces everything that’s best about Internet casino gaming technology with the fun and excitement of gambling for real money in land-based clubs. Since the beginning of online casino development there have been attempts to bring a […]

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Mainframe Computer

Web Hosting Products

I’ve been hosting websites since 1994 and in the beginning of the web I was on a mission to find a company in South Florida that specialized on web hosting and did not provide Internet access hostgator reviews service. Believe it or not, back then it was really hard to find a pure web hosting […]

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