Year of the Golden Pig

It turns out that my Mom is born in the year of the pig, so we’ve been writing back and forth to share little things we’ve learned about this auspicious year. Now an Asian friends from Vancouver informed me that Chinese people are excited because we’re entering the “Year of the Golden Pig” and it only happens every 60 or so years.

Now I’m not certain why it earns the distinction of being “Golden” but it sounds good to me and has already brought more intrigue into the mix. Besides I’m a big believer in Chinese Astrology, it’s worked for me, in that I find the compatibility guides to be accurate and generally speaking the ups and downs of my life have coincided with the predictions, plus many of my friends have fit the characteristics of the descriptions.
I remember that when I traveled in Australia I had in my journal a folded paper table place-mat from a Chinese restaurant in Inuvik Northwest Territories. I kept it because it told me that I was entering the year of the Ox, which is my sign, and that it would be very fortuitous. It was great fun to show it to people, both because it had the address of the restaurant on it and also because many people have never paid much attention to Chinese Astrology. You can learn allot from this ancient Asian science., yes science, as it’s based on the stars.
By the way, Inuvik is at the road if you drive a car northward in north America. Even long past the end of the famous Alaska Highway, which of course turns westward and ends in Alaska. I actually drove my own tow truck to this place way inside the Arctic circle, where only in the winter you can continue on ice roads to Tuktoyuktuk the Northern most seaport in the world, another place I once visited by ship.
Anyway, my Mom and I also share an Irish heritage that’s more about luck than science, however if you combine Astrology with Irish folklore then there’s probably something even more special about Golden Pigs and lot’s of good jokes could come from the notion. None the less, it’s better to make your own luck and do it with science, or by believing that you’re going to be lucky simply because it’s your extra (golden) lucky year.
P.S. I’ll be sure to let you know when I discover, and I will why this is the “Golden” Year of the Pig.
P.P.S – On a couple of the search engines “Year of the Pig” was in the top 5 most popular search terms last week.

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