The Value of Ideas

Every body has an idea. Every day, every single person breathing (that’s over seven billion individuals) has new ideas. Who decides what ideas have value? Why do some ideas manifest into reality and other ideas “die-on-the-vine“? When does a good idea become reality? Where do good ideas come from? What is it about ideas that makes them so valuable? How does a person sell an idea?

These are the two most important questions, you need to ask yourself.

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Assume you’re up to speed, in real-time, today. Let’s assume that your best epilator ain’t that sharp like a razor (IQ 160+) and let’s take it another degree and assume you’re surrounded with contemporaries ( in Oz {Australia}, we called “mates“) and also, for laughs and giggles, imagine that you’re also totally dialed-in too. I mean, you’re connected to Dudes who are bringing-down six-figures for how-smart they are, in the hi-tech-sector. This is a common scenario in today’s world. This is normal. You are asking the right questions….

So you wake-up one morning and you, for some un-known reason, probably because you were getting ripped with one of your inside “mates” and all of a sudden, low and behold, you concoct in your mind, the web-geek equivalent to the cure for cancer. So now what?

Ideas are a dime a dozen. It takes about 2 hours of research to know, that your new mouse-trap is a file for the permanently delete folder, or is it? Or does that stupid idea hold merit? Is that brain-fart worth money? Is it equal to other bad-ideas that flew in the face of reason?

I’m going to be brutally honest here. It’s not that ideas are over-rated, “au contraire”, it’s that so few people have the intention to make them happen. Understand that there’s a giant gap between thinking about something and doing it. The value of ideas get’s completely diluted at this exchange, so much so, that one million-to-one seems like a realistic likelihood. Now we know, ideas are cheap, everybody is selling them and it’s one million to one that your idea has value.

So what’s a poor-boy to do? Lot’s of ideas and no-way to make any of them turn-into money.

Come back soon and I will share some ideas about how but for now, at this point in my mining, there’s an opportunity happening about 15 floors beneath me, which I have access to because of my proximity, ┬áso I must take action and put an idea into effect. See you again soon.

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