The Law of One

The Law of One

According to Ra we are each a mind, body, spirit complex and we’re here on earth in the 3rd density, to learn about our past incarnations, as well as to assist in the ongoing transition to the 4th density.

Consider this, if you will, Ra says…

The universe is infinite. This has yet to be proven or dis-proven, but we can assure you that there is no end to your selves, of your journey of seeking, or your perceptions of the creations


Naughty Beaver is to thank for prompting me to take another read of The Law of One channelling of Ra, which I had browsed many times over the years and even remember my uncle talking about this information way back in the late eighties. Serendipitous to learn about it now.

The thing is that Naughty Beaver is connecting dots for me, on things I just never would have connected. My evolution of understanding the universe is accelerating, I’m able to drift in and out of my optimum peace frequency with ease and devote allot of thought to infinity.

Every day I ride my bicycle while practising specific breathing techniques learned from yoga. For over a decade I’ve been learning how to optimize my ability to meditate while bike-riding. Plus, the idea that the brain is a super-computer, so use the time to process ideas by intentionally letting the mind chew on it while simultaneously balancing and exercising the body at a steady high RPM, like a high-performance engine powering the brain.

To my mind, the range of questions I process, cover an extremely broad spectrum which always includes God. More and more I ask questions of myself about God and try to see things from the perspective of a creator.

Now I realize evil must exist to enable love. Good people make bad decisions and others follow, then when too many are going the wrong way a correction takes place to atone for the mistake. There needs to be new ideas to evolve and it’s through creative innovation that the cycle repeats.

Ra teaches us that we are entering an era of service to others being the replacement to service to self. This is obvious to me, for example when I was youth there was a common poster theme about the person with the most amount of toys wins and it shows a beachfront home a line of cars, jet and helicopter. This was the dream vision of many a baby boomer.

Our creator would see his beautiful creation with us in it, flourishing, like a vine growing up a tree, bending and curving, with clusters of leaves in the appropriate places and dying branches haphazardly bending towards the dirt. We require the criminally insane in our population to make us curve upwards and grow with force to overcome the negative pull of evil.

The love of light and the light of love is so much more powerful than the darkness that it’s impossible to stop mankind from evolving towards it. All the world’s malevolence does, is make the love of light grow stronger.

Peace revolution is happening, with or without you.

Law of One Image by Roland Winkelmann from Pixabay

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