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Ten Souls for ten ten 0010110

Ten Ten Code 0010110 was dropped on my brain today by Dr. Deb from Boston. She’s always Avantgarde when it comes to spirit, so as the story goes…. a few years ago a group of people began a world-wide time for mass meditation at 10:10 twice per day, from anywhere in the world, when it turns to 10:11 think about the binary code 0010110

The code 0010110 Morse code for human beings, here’s a description from Disclose.tv: 0010110 was ‘the green light’ for cosmic disclosure. It’s encrypted Morse code.

0010110 = . . – . – – . = [ ..- .–. ], [ .. -. / — . ], [ .. – / .– . ], [ ..- / .– . ]

Up, In Me, It We, U We


THIS IS CALLED PLATFORM 0010110, which is symbolized through the same binary language used in computer programs.

Please note that it is not a traditional scientific terrain, however, it has been used in teaching from the communication established through people who channel messages from the high frequency waves of all galactic and solar systems, mainly presented to the general public of esoteric age and new fund to help those seeking more information on this subject. Read more on the Platform 0010110

Elvira Fernandes

Ten Ten Code idea is relatively new and 0010110 knowledge has been around a few years at least, that we know of. Just an interesting movement. People are all supposed to think about the sequence of numbers at 10:11 each day so that we begin to switch the consciousness towards one for all, rather than all for one.

There can certainly be nothing wrong or even cultish about this trend in simultaneous global meditation, I for one think it’s very cool. I like the notion that other people are taking a minute at the same exact time to think about our entire human race and wish we could upgrade faster.

Ten Souls Photo credit: Reuben Degiorgio on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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