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Freedom Convoy Trucker

Big Doors Swing on Tiny Hinges

Big doors swing on tiny hinges is a quote attributed to W. Clement Stone, although I’m sure he borrowed it, just like Juan O Savin often does. Many times during interviews Juan mentions that in this war of good versus evil, or children of light versus the forces of darkness (if you prefer), he talks […]

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Forced Positivity is a rare commodity

Forced Positivity

pos·i·tiv·i·ty noun: positivity the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. “pupils draw power from the positivity of their teachers” the presence rather than absence of a certain substance, condition, or feature. “the first biopsy specimen demonstrated positivity for cytokeratin” PewDiePie has the most popular Vlog on Youtube and he […]

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