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I read the Internet Business Manifesto and was profoundly effected by it’s content. For many years I’ve been reading self-help literature and various books and courses about “How to become Successful in Business” etc… but never before had I laid my hands on something this powerful. In the manifesto there lies such pertinent information related to starting and growing an Internet business that if you’re like me, with tons of practical experience, as soon as you absorb the information in the manifesto it becomes actionable knowledge.

As soon as I received the first free download of the Internet Business Manifesto I was impressed and kept reading, then read more, next I scoured the web via Google to corroborate the new found information and sure enough it’s legitimate. The next morning there was a follow-up email in my inbox pointing me to a full-length 90 minute video of a business seminar of the Internet Business Manifesto and it just solidified everything I was already thinking about this knowledge. It’s all so simple, to be almost just plain common-sense but laid out and presented in such a way that it becomes much more than a bunch of random thoughts. This information is the definitive guide for making a successful Internet Business and could not possibly be more timely and appropriate for me right now.
On the first day of finding the Internet Business Manifesto I sent links and recommendations to several of my associates but it really didn’t have the same effect on them as it did on me. Maybe it was because I live so deeply immersed in the pursuit of Internet Business Success that I was so much more effected than the others, although everyone was duly impressed with many of the ideas shared in the report but I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d learned and how I could use what I now knew.
I believe that with the information provided to me in the Internet Business Manifesto and the experience I’ve already obtained, plus since my websites are becoming successful anyway, I’ll be able to accelerate my companies business growth and be striving towards revenues in excess of $100,000 per month within 18 months. Now that’s a rather amazing prediction since I’ve yet to reach $10,000 per month but I’ve been working on several projects and a huge joint venture which were missing some of the concepts and understandings now spelt out to me. Within 60 – 90 days I’ll be surpassing the $10,000 per month mark and may have done that anyway, without the assistance of the Internet Business Manifesto, however I would never have been confident to predict $1M per year without these concepts and guidebook, may have even thought of myself as insane to put such outlandish thoughts into words and then publish them but today I’m ready.
Many things will have to change for me to achieve the results I’m intending but I have a well thought out strategy. My web sites hosted 41,000 unique users last week and I made more money than ever before in any previous week, without implementing any of the new concepts I’ve learned. Some day I’m going to look back at the days of hacking all by myself, designing, developing and publishing – all by myself, from my humble home office in Brazil and I’ll always have pleasant memories of this time, but I know in my heart, and my mind, that during my entire life I’ve always had a burning desire to become much more successful than I am today. Now I know how to achieve my dream.
Luckily for me, I’ve always had a vision with purpose, of the kind of Internet business I wanted and had the determination to make the moves towards my intentions. My Dad always compliments my persistence but some times I felt he was saying that because there was little else to make positive comments about, except maybe the lifestyle I’ve led or the exotic places I’ve lived but I always felt disappointed in my stature and knew deep in my mind that there was something so much more for me to achieve. In the Internet Business Manifesto, the author, Rich Schefron talks about the importance of possessing a strong vision (with a purpose), which also aligns with an individuals knowledge and experience but most importantly had to leverage their personal strengths.
Well it took me awhile to wrap my head around what my personal strengths were, and how to leverage them, but ironically I was considering implementing a business concept on one of my oldest websites, which perfectly takes full-advantage of my best personal strength (networking with people), now I’ve wrapped my entire strategy around this understanding. Also, gained the the importance of process maps for operating a business but even more importantly the “core drivers” of the business, which are the major motivators for people to become customers, strategic partners or investors. Lastly, a cohesive action plan, which is different than a dry, stale, business plan but rather a large color-coded flow-chart with squares, rectangles, circles and arrows connecting the tasks. Everything needs to be charted, all activities need to be itemized and then each has to have metrics for evaluating it’s performance. Every last details of the day to day operation of the business must have a system associated to it, and any system that can be completed proficiently by an out-source freelance associate, strategic partner, or employee, must then be delegated accordingly. As the leader my sole focus needs to be on leveraging the value of my key strength – networking with other Internet professionals. Meeting new high-value individuals, enhancing Intellectual capital by linking with bigger and better websites and communicating en-mass to the my list of existing contacts and all the while seeking more affiliates and/or joint venture relationships.
According to Rich; without a detailed strategy for conducting Internet business (as outlined above) then a person is just winging it and not really in business at all, but rather reacting to things and jumping on opportunities, hoping that each new business opportunity will be the one. Then of course there’s the talented geek who sells his time for money, like I’ve had to do for many years but that leaves no energy left to achieve much after the client has taken his pound of flesh. I’ve been winging-it long enough and now have the timing, momentum, knowledge, experience, and resources to jump up to the next level, and become the successful Internet Businessman I’ve always wanted to become.
If you have any aspirations of becoming an Internet Business person, then I highly recommend the Internet Business Manifesto

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