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Today I came across a brilliant article by a columnist in UPI, about U2 by a writer named Margaret Benefiel. She’s promoting a new book called Soul at Work and also has an interesting website called Executive Soul. I’m going to share an excerpt from the article that caught my eye and then I’m going to post a description of her new book and I highly suggest checking out the work of Margaret Benefiel, I know I will.

Excerpt from UPI article entitled “The Soul of U2

U2 members bring their whole selves to their music, including their spirituality, and thus go against the grain of the artistic world they inhabit. “We throw everything in, you know, politics, religion, sex, everything that is us. I think that is what’s missing now in music, that completely holistic thing. It’s like art and music mostly have completely turned their back on anything spiritual for such a long time,” observes The Edge, also noting that he thinks that trend will change eventually.

U2 is award of a generation growing up in their native Ireland with the influence of the Catholic Church having waned and nothing yet replacing that spiritual influence. Because they believe that to be human is to be spiritual, U2 looks forward to the day when the spiritual element reasserts itself in Western society in general and in the arts in particular.

Spirituality lies at the heart of U2. Because they know their center, U2 can be a different kind of rock band.

Description of Soul at Work by Margaret Benefiel

Soul at Work describes the way organizations do business. Soul in the workplace is not a theological abstraction, but a way of being and doing. Each of the organizations that Benefiel profiles in this lively and informative book describes the profound role that awareness of soul, or spirituality, can play in leadership and organizational life.
Divided into three parts, the book looks at the role of individuals in nurturing soul, the organizational reality by which soul is manifest, and the process by which the tension between individual and organization are managed. It is for managers, workers, organization specialists, church groups and anyone involved in the transformation of organizational life. It is for everyone who suspects that there is more to business than the bottom line.

Please visit Executive Soul

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