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Recently I saw this amazing visual while surfing the web, then thought to remind myself, the next time I saw it, to stop and curate it. This series of 3 illustrations are so remarkable to me, that it came as no-surprise that they belonged to Mercedes Benz. None-the-less, I captured the wild, exotic beauties for my image collection (I love graphic art). Although in categorizing this art to post, I had to decide; mind or design?

During another session of curating today, on the Elephant Journal (my fave of late), I stumbled on to this perfect quote ( from a German-American no-less), to go with the heisted art;

“Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” ~ Albert Einstein

Source: adsoftheworld.com

“Creativity takes courage. ” ~ Henri Matisse

My tool of choice for Curating, is the insanely creative (and free) – Evernote. The most versatile content creation tool I have ever seen, or could ever have imagined. One of my favorite things to do with Evernote, is to create a new personal journal page each day. I never thought I could enjoy keeping a digital diary, as much as I am enjoying this new habit. Just starting each day with a new clean note, then putting that date to create a new page in life, it’s like imaging that you’re the script writer and the lead role. It’s second nature to find cool stuff in the inbox, or click stuff on my social nets, plus I keep a couple Moleskines beside my keyboard, one of them is smaller and contains my on-the-fly notes and questions (also, to-do lists, names, numbers, questions and ideas). I use a pen and paper every day, to continue moving forward.

My Mozilla Thunderbird inbox handles tens of thousands of messages per day, the software is stable even with 4 GB, from 8 email profiles, each with hundreds of folders, for (amongst other things) dozens of filtered Google Alerts. For example, every morning I get 20 story overviews about Rio de Janeiro, from all over the world. That’s just one of about a dozen News Alerts I personally filter. The creativity is made manifest by Evernote, because as the busy day flies by, I take the time to curate things from the web, add thoughts, ideas and notes, about the real things that I’m doing, what I’m eating, where I’m going, important phone calls, how many KMS I ride on my bike, how much yoga, how many minutes of language study, etc… I created a score card, with a total of 100 points, and at the end of each day I give myself a score on that day.

I’m really liking this Evernote strategy, it’s called radical time management.

One more thing about Evernote: The app for mobile device is the coolest thing you’ll ever see, once it’s loaded up with all the cool photos, about half of which are from my own collection (the other half are downloaded, mostly from Wiki Commons). And all the things that were happening in the past 30 days, it’s got the layout and style of a ultra-cool digital magazine. That’s a digital diary, when feb 1 comes I won’t even see those rich pages I created (each day) because they’re tucked neatly away in the folder marked “January”. It’ll be super fun to review this movie script at the end of the year. One things for sure, this is making me much more productive because each day I try to score higher. I’m so tough on myself, that with my grading system, I’ll be happy to get into the 80’s. Living each day, like it might be my last.

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