Recreation of Minds and the Cosmological Reset of 12.21.2020 – December 21, 2020

Re-creation is recreation, the single most powerful capacity given to the spirit that is YOU. We, you and me, need oxygen to survive and the more we get the better we think and the more of our mind we are able to dedicate to the key things we do that make us happy, and hence healthy; Recreation!

The magnificent Cosmological Clock reaches December 21, 2020 and Schumann resonance charts match a woman in labour. The due date is December 21, 2010 then Aquarius age upgrade is born. Humanity 2.0 begins and ascension to the higher frequency goes mainstream, for everyone with enough clarity, will enjoy the upgrade to our minds.

Charlie Freak of Freaksense TV often talks about the origin of words and the important of symbols, which are actually words. In the idea of “re” creation, it suggests that nothing new exists and every that we perceive to exist, was created by God, therefore the best we can do is to “re” create but wait a second…. is there a limitation here?

The Cosmic and Spiritual Significance of December 21, 2020 – Forever Conscious

Art is original works, masterpieces representing depictions of something that already existed, however creations of such magnificence that we build massive buildings to show everyone the Mona Lisa, or whatever has been re-created.

Every second of every day people are recreating at an incredible pace, borrowing and expanding on the best of what was born one minute ago, recreating almost in real time, as we approach singularity the output is phenomenal and each day a new star is born, as one inspires another.

Nature is the key, and breathing techniques to put your mind in THETA state. Practice makes perfect, be disciplined and devote time every day to some form of outdoor recreation where you can increase your heart beat, expand your lungs with fresh air but most importantly do something fun that takes your mind off the information that you’ve been consuming all day.

Exercise enough to give your mind a chance to get into the space where time disappears and you forget that you were previously concerned about. The entire idea is to run a CCleaner on your mind, as if it were a computer and clean all the stuff from the memory that don’t help you to relax.

Peace of mind is recreation, when you are united with the essence of your own self. The power of now, in that exact moment, is where you want to be, as often as you can be. Every day you must seek this place and recreate again and again that direction connection with who you are.

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