Pursuit of Hapiness

A new pen, new journal, new website, new year and a new start = Renovati? (Latin for rebirth). Actually this is just a renewed effort at using pen & paper to make something of significance from my weblog on Silicon Palms and the website explaining my ideas.

An observation that I’ve made is that meaningful writing takes time, maybe the long-term dedication towards the idea is what it takes, so that the end result is a body of work that has meaning? My persistence and ability to continue analyzing what I’m writing then re-inventing myself to find my groove is what has gotten me to where I am (still at the beginning).
Now I’ve become self-sufficient financially from web-development, more fit than at any time I can remember and as happy as I’ve ever been. At 45 my life is still full of wonder my passion for knowledge is unbridled and my spirit for adventure seems the same as it was when I was 18 (that is to say “wild!”).
I know that my life is getting better as I get smarter about web-publishing, so I designed a new website on Silicon Palms, re-designed my Weblog (you’re reading from it) and decided to re-new my commitment towards writing.
This journal is a tool for me to tap my inspirations & ideas to words in the hope that my Weblog becomes more meaningful. As I manifest my destiny by doing what I’ve always wanted to do, the way I could only imagine that it should be done, you are welcome to join me, as I share some thoughts and ideas about the journey.

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