I’m enjoying this blog more everyday, although I don’t know who reads what I write or if it serves any purpose. Today I added some advertising under the heading “Propaganda”, which is a great word isn’t it? Maybe you know that I publish other blogs and web sites? and perhaps you’ve figured-out that this one is a personal project and not really commercial. However, there’s a purpose to every page that I publish and that’s to improve my communication skills, so it’s all just propaganda.

For your edification here’s the description of “Propaganda

  1. The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.
  2. Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause: wartime propaganda.
  3. Propaganda Roman Catholic Church. A division of the Roman Curia that has authority in the matter of preaching the gospel, of establishing the Church in non-Christian countries, and of administering Church missions in territories where there is no properly organized hierarchy.

It’s difficult to know what to write about day after day. Living in Brasil is terrific but I don’t feel compelled to write about it constantly. My career as a web publisher is interesting to me but I doubt that many people would share this passion. Many times I just start out writing on an idea, then try to let the ideas develop as I write. Other times I have a distinct idea in my mind that I want to convey through this blog. Mostly I feel like I’m using this medium as a way to express myself, share my thoughts and promote my business plans.
One thing that I’ve promised myself is that I would attempt to publish something everyday, no matter how mundane. That I would publish even the most personal stories, although nothing so far has been that personal but I feel as though I’m becoming more candid and that the writing is getting easier. See I believe that a good blog is more of a long-term project and that it’s value compounds over time. Too many blogs are “pundits” and mostly just cutting up the media or what some one else said. My hope is to contribute something positive, revealing and inspiring to the blogosphere.
I’m keeping this blog because I want to, not from a need to benefit in any way. I publish pages every day in pursuit of commercial success, recognition and acknowledgement but not necessarily here. Yesterday I spent several hours reading other people’s blogs and mostly I liked what I saw, as this blogosphere is filled with many talented and creative people, baring it all and sharing it with the world. I’m just glad to be involved with this cool pastime, believe that it adds value to our culture and the society at large.
Blog on!

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