Poker Industry Expo

The Poker Industry Expo is the business conference and convention for the poker industry. Held annually, our next event will take place on the weekend of December 3-4, 2005 at the San Jose Palacio Hotel in Costa Rica.

The event is for :
# Owners / Managers of Poker Rooms
# Owners of Online Poker Rooms
# Manufacturers of Poker Related Products
# Casino Executives
# Sportsbook Executives
# Marketing Executives
# Affiliate Managers and Poker Affiliates
# Poker Players
The 2 day conference and exposition will have presentations and seminars that focus on Poker Room management, new poker related technologies, marketing for poker, payment issues and customer service. Improving Poker player awareness, increasing both player conversions and player retention is the goal of the event’s discussions.
Exhibitors will illustrate new poker products and programs.
The evening of December 3 and 4 will have a special Poker Tournament. Designed for the owners and executives in the poker industry, the tournament represents the best of poker strategies, tactics and playing skills. The winner will have a biy more to brag about, as they will have beaten all the other excutives in the poker industry.
For those discovering the world of poker, please check the following two excellent resources as to the terms and rules used in the game : Conjelco and The Poker Project.
Interest in this event is one of the highest I have seen in the gaming industry. We expect this event to sell out quickly. I hope to see you at the event and I trust that you will have a good time.
Marc Lesnick
The Conference and Expo Organizer

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