Peace Revolution Weapons

Peace Revolution

Some 5 years ago I started promoting the idea of a “Peace Revolution” and yes I know there were others before me, specifically dot com and dot net but I was able to purchase the domain My brother in arms Marcos, is a man of Godly intentions, he had written a wonderful song by this same name. So, we set-off on a journey to win the hearts and minds of everyone we encounter with our message of love. To this day, the Revolution rages on and we will bring Peace because nothing can stop us.

My Facebook account was recently nuked and that is where I had posted a collection of Peace Revolution memes. Now I’m posting them here to begin a collection and inspire other digital soldiers to brand the war a Peace Revolution. Never resort to violence or intimidation, always turn your other cheek when confronted with ignorance. Remember… we are all in this together and some may have made different choices, or been unwittingly duped by evil, have mercy and remain peaceful.

We forward in this generation, triumphantly

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