Pacific Northwest Experience

Vancouver has been an amazing experience for me, the best British Columbia springtime in memory. My time here has been exhilarating and inspiring. The exhilaration is from the beauty of nature and inspiration from the young entrepreneurs I meet. The Asian business communities are thriving and one such great example is the China Canada Business Council, they acts as an economic development incubator for enterprise and investment coming from Canada, as well as resources and expertise flowing to China.

It’s truly an exciting time in the evolution of Canada China relations and the very best time to be involved in providing information related to Hong Kong, as the IFC between east and west. My team and I have knowledge and experience in cross-border finance that is indispensable for SME’s (small to medium sized enterprise) that are developing projects in distant places.

Vancouver in the spring and summer is awesome for bike transport and the city has a public service called which I joined and have used every day. The public bikes are blue and kept in blue racks which are placed throughout the city, especially at the metro-transit location, sea-bus and subway etc… very convenient to ride across town, or in my case all over and around Stanley Park and the beaches of Vancouver. Whenever I have a meeting it often begins with a bike ride and almost always ends with a long ride around the seawall, under the Lion’s Gate bridge and home to English Bay.

Living amongst foreigners is enjoyable too, on any given day, I hear several foreign languages and cross paths and enjoy the scenery with people from the farthest reaches of the planet. Vancouver is the melting-pot of Canada.

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